Fires are one of the most widespread disasters which causes loss of life and property. Instant alerting of fire breakage to the incident location owner and also alerting fire department about incident is necessary to ensure immediate action. Using a well-equipped with latest technologies can’t avert the situation but can mitigate its impact. Every minute can save many lives in such situations. So here we propose an IOT ARCGIS Project ESRI based automatic system for fire and gas leakage. The system includes IOT based fire detecting device which uses Sensors along with ESRII ArcGIS map to efficiently detect emergency hazard location, firstly send a push notification to location owner (eg: house owner)
and if fire breakage is very high it can send a notification to fire-brigade app along with Incident Address, Owner  Contact no, Fire Type, and exact LATITUDE/LONGITUDE. Lat/Long of Incident location can help Fire-brigade driver find a shortest route from his current location to incident location. So here is a project demo on IOT ARCGIS Project ESRI.
Project Demo :
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Hardware Requirements :

  • Arduino Node MCU ESP8266
  • GPS SENSOR (Optional)
  • LED
Circuit Diagram
Once, connections are done it’s time to burn code in our Arduino Node MCU, directly copy paste the code given below and for getting more info about connecting Arduino nodemcu with firebase check out our previous post .

#include <FirebaseArduino.h>

    #include <ESP8266WiFi.h>

    // Set these to run example.

    #define FIREBASE_HOST ""

    #define FIREBASE_AUTH "qULRQbnuzJ3q-------------tpXic1UQ1FxHvM"

    #define WIFI_SSID "kavin"

    #define WIFI_PASSWORD "12345678"


    void setup() {



    // connect to wifi.



    while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {





    Serial.print("connected: ");








    void loop() {

    // set value


    int n=0;



    // append a new value to /logs

    String name = Firebase.pushInt("logs", n++);

    // handle error

    if (Firebase.failed()) {

    Serial.print("pushing /logs failed:");




    Serial.print("pushed: /logs/");



Once the code is uploaded successfully, we are done with Hardware part now we are just left with two steps i.e. Fire brigade Android App & Python Script for sending automated push notification, let’s check out features of android app.

Features of Android App :

  • Real Time Push Notification on App in case of fire disaster.
  • Get Exact Lat/Long with Incident Address, Owner Contact no.
  • A shortest path route from fire brigade driver current location to incident location.
  • Automatic sensor reset after stopping fire breakage.
  • Fire Incidents Cause Analysis for further Heat Map creation.
Get Android App Source Code Here .

Setting Up Push Notification :

For setting up the push notification here we need to create a python script which will help in sending automated push notification. Let’s have a look on back-end part –
Once sensor in our fire detecting device detects fire it just produce a local alert by turning on the LED as well Buzzer if any, on the same time it also changes the value of variable “Fire_sensor_status” in fire-base database. As, firebase is cross platfrom database and our android app as well as our python script will connect to firebase database.
Python script uses Pyrebase Library streaming function for listening to live changes to our data ” Fire_sensor_status “with the stream() method. If “Fire_sensor_status” value changes from “0” to “1” it will send push notification to our android app.
check out previous post for setting up automated push notification as sensor alert to android app .
Python script code here .

Wrapping Up :

That’s end up IOT ArcGIS Project, this project can be extended up to a level currently it’s just a prototype, if you guys facing any issues please comment out,  i really like to help you out. 🙂

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