In this world of people that are obsessed with social media I have a great deal for you. There are people who want everything to be posted online they want others to know what they are eating , what they have purchased , what is there outfit of the day and most importantly where are they, there location. Applications today allow us to share our location very easily. You just need to be present on some place open the app that app will pick your current location and you can upload or show it off very easily. But what if I want to upload a location that I am not present at and we just need to upload a fake location. How will we make our app pick the location we are not present at? How will we fool our GPS linked with the Snapchat app?

So, here I have a special trick for you. Let’s have a look at it.
This trick of updating a fake location to our social media, we are going to do with a very own popular app that
is Snapchat. For this you will require:

  • Updated Snapchat app
  • Account on Snapchat
  • A fake GPS application

Transcript/Cheat-sheet :

Assuming you have a Snapchat account we our directly proceeding on to installing our Fake GPS – Fake location
app that you can easily download from play store the icon of the app is a blue globe with a red thumb pin as
shown in the below image.
After you have downloaded the app simply open it and select your mock location for this you will require to
grant permissions to our fake GPS fake location app, on setting your mock location it will redirect you to settings
(for app permissions) here an important point is to be noted that your mobile should be in developer mode that
is developer mode of your mobile should be enabled (mi in my case).
After you have done all this select your desired location from the map it has displayed.

Selecting Location:

While selecting your location zoom as much as possible to get the precise location suppose I am selecting Egypt
for this I will go to Egypt from the map and zoom into it to go inside it and select any location I want using the
red marker of the app.
Once you have done all this we have already conquered the world now you can open your Snapchat or any
other app the location they will pick now will be the location you have set in our fake location app.
Guys we all come across people that are very show off and to teach them in their language I have find out this
amazing way with this I have updated post from across all the countries of the world.
Imagine eating or drinking at your home and upload having dinner in Paris or shopping in Amsterdam or simply
hanging out somewhere and uploading status ill, resting at home. So much you can do with this simple trick.
Keep tricking stay happy!.

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