I am here to share knowledge on how to install virtual machine on Kali Linux from scratch by Fixing Error Kernel Driver Not Installed. Now a days computing revolves around terms like multi-tasking, parallel computing and how to save resources at the most. For this we go for installing Virtual machines to have another operating system installed on the same hardware device as who would want to waste money in unnecessary hardware resources. And, we humans are best at experimenting, trying new things is what I enjoy the most. Anything new in market is always in my to-do list so trying new flavors in operating or trying out any shady applications with no consequences to our hardware is fun when doing at virtual machine.

Intro Virtualization: 

This virtual term is so vast that it has created a whole new world welcome to the world of virtualitywhich is very different from reality. Hope you all know cloud that is concept of virtual computing where anything can be kept virtual from SaaS to PaaS. In SaaSwhich is software as a service you get to use a software that is not locally installed in your system and in PaaS is get to things on a platformthat is not been set up in your local system so this way you can use things that may not be necessarily be present in your system locally. The virtual computer deals with remote system but here we are doing things with our system.
Before starting over let’s be known to concepts to understand things better. A virtual machine (VM) is a software program that not only exhibits the behavior of another computer but is also performs tasks such as running applications and programs like another computer. A virtual machine, also known as a guestis created within another computing environment referred as a “host”. We can our operating system installed in virtual machine that will behave as whole another system. We can have multiple virtual machines within a single host at one time.

Kali Linux is powerful operating system that is Debian-based Linux distribution used for advanced Penetration Testing and for Security Auditing at various arenas. Kali comes with several hundred tools which are used for various information security tasks, such as Security research, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering. Which are too much too talk about so let’s just focus on installing our virtual machine on our very powerful Kali Linux.

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Video Transcript/Cheat-sheet : 

Too much of talking now let’s have some action starting with opening your Kali and and type sudo apt-get install virtualbox this will ask you a question of y and n that is yes you want to install or type y and press enter. Installation of virtualbox will take time after it’s install though it may show some kind of errors in red.  Type virtualbox again in the terminal this will open the virtual box app now you have to choose an os file to open in in your virtual box for this you will click the start button and then open the operating system from the local file system of your Kali Linux.  Now you may see an Error Kernel driver not installed now this is very pissing error that has irritated me quite often but to your rescue here is hack-anons so I will tell explain you the error and how to get rid of this.

Error Resolution :


Now this error of kernel driver not installed comes because when we install virtual box directly it may not install all the dependencies required to host an operating system there for which we will install a supporting software called aptitude and then with the help of aptitude we will install virtual box which will make sure all the required dependencies are installed. As we have wrongly installed virtual box sorry guys but will have to remove it using:

sudo apt-get remove virtualbox

this will remove virtual box but to make sure all other files are deleted we will use: 

sudo apt-get purge virtualbox

to ensure it. Now once it is done install aptitude using:

sudo apt-get install aptitude

after installation of aptitude use command:

aptitude install virtualbox

This will install virtual box using aptitude this time. Now you will open virtual box by typing:


on the terminal once again select your operating from the location now start it. It will start this this now we give the necessary details like ram, disk and display memory you can see my video if you want and you are ready to rock with anything you want to run on your virtual box.

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