Money is never enough, and you need it all the time, earning it online by just being at home is all you need. Earning it from Google AdSense from blog is not a cake walk as you have to approve your site from Google AdSense. I will unlock this for you by breaking the ice of We’re Reviewing your site AdSense approval issue. From my college days and even before that I saw people passionate about art or dance or abstract things. I was passionate about technology and I love to share it with people. What a great deal is to earn from your passion.
I came across people earning a fair deal after publishing some content online. As internet is so vast, it will always have traffic coming and going as we have so many people live on internet. All of this I came to know by observing things over internet itself. I have then come across people that are very popular online through their content and earning more than $100,000 per month. This has inspired me so much and keep me inspired today also so I have thought to inspire some more.
Since I have now established my own website after buying a domain Here I got my site approved from Google AdSense and guys it really required a lot of patience from my end. I’m very happy to achieve that but the difficulties I have come across. And way I found out to overcome is here to share with you. So, your way to earning from google ads then you can go much smoother. When I applied for AdSense for the first times, they rejected my AdSense for 3 times:

AdSense Denied due to Insufficient Content:

AdSense Denied Insufficient Content
I got this mail when my blog just had 6-7 posts which are less than 500 words each. So I increased my post content quality & number of words up to 600 average. And again applied for AdSense approval once completed 25 posts.

AdSense Program Should Adhere to Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines

AdSense to Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines
For resolving this issue, signed up for Google Search Console and analyzed my website for 1 month. And again applied for AdSense approval.

AdSense Denied Due to Copyrighted Material

Adsense Approval Copyrighted Material
As the title states, some of my blog posts include Copyrighted material. So I checked all my previous posts and removed plagiarism by rewriting my content using site.
After getting rejected for 3 times, finally I got my AdSense approval. But because of my bad fate my AdSense Approval got stuck at.

We’re reviewing your site it might take up to 3 days.

Google AdSense replied with we are reviewing your site and I was stuck there for months which is why I thought of an idea. My site named now gets ads after months of hard work. I was having more than 30 posts but still had to wait for long. For my ultimate motivation that is my passion towards and money for seeking the passion. So, guys there are two ways for resolving this issue of We are reviewing your site:
One is that you wait for two weeks as it is said to wait for two weeks when the google is reviewing your site.
Then you give feedback on their site that you have applied for approval of AdSense and you haven’t been notified anything yet. You can add the screenshot of your application and till then keep on adding more post and articles. Make it reader interactive and useful make it as good as possible.
We are reviewing you site Google Adsense Issue
Second way is create email for you mother or sister and then using that mail you apply again for the approval. You can do using your another existing mail too if they already have it. There is no issue in using some of your relatives mail as you will anyway get paid in the account you wish to give to AdSense. Then you will get your approval in just few days. And BAM you are ready to earn, you can connect to me at any point you feel difficulty in doing anything. See you again with some cram breaking topic.

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