Have you installed a fresh Kali Linux machine and it got stuck at First Login Screen then this article is for you? Here we will guide you with step by step guide for resolving this issue

When we freshly install Kali Linux it sometimes got stuck while booting after your login, this may cause your keyboard mouse to be stuck at one place creating a situation of system hang. I have freshly installed Kali Linux in my system I’m trying to boot it, it has asked my credentials. Now after typing credentials and pressing ENTER what happens is the progress bar gets stuck in the middle and we are unable to use our keyboard or mouse.

Why Kali Linux Got Stuck?
For this what I got to know is my operating system is troubling me because of the NVIDIA Graphic Drivers of my system therefore to resolve it, we need to boot it again for this we will turn off the system by pressing the power button that is also called hard boot which is not recommended as this process hampers the life of our internal hard disk as the head that reads the hard disk while the platter is moving stops abruptly harming the disk that can cause scratches on it and difficult to read the next time but don’t worry guys you just have to avoid it for multiple times.
Once your Grub boot menu appears again, select option advance options for Kali Linux  
 and go to recovery in this you will get login where you will put your password if you haven’t set any password default password is toor that is opposite of root. Now you can see I got into the Linux Terminal.

Now here we will open nano that is a linux editor followed by a path that is /etc/default/grub. This means we will edit our grub file, for disabling the default graphic drivers in the grub file which are causing conflicts. In Grub file you will find a line GRUBCMD_LINE_LINUXDEFAULT=”QUIET”which we will now change to “QUITE NOUVEU.SETMODE=0”. Now we will save and exit the grub file and then we will type update grub command this will update our grub as we want new grub next time now type init 0 it restarts the system. You might feel that the error is not resolved when next time you boot but wait for a second guys and bamm you will see your Freshly Installed Kali Linux loads.

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