Hi, Here I Welcome a Linux lover for getting landed on hackanons.com. So are you not able to download/install apps using windows app store due to any reason like App store is blocked and all.
In this post i will show you how to install Linux subsystem App (Ubuntu) on Windows 10 manually.

Why Windows subsystem for Linux?

Before getting into hardcore manual installation let me tell introduce you with benefits of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). If you choose WSL  for using power of Linux i.e. Bash shell on Windows 10 then:
  • There is not need to using any extra software like Virtual-box, Vmware for virtualization.
  • No extra memory waste of primary memory
  • Easy access Windows drive data using Linux terminal (/mnt/drive_name)

Let’s Fix it Out :

windows app store blocked

Last week i thought of using Linux on my new windows machine, as i am Linux lover and don’t like lag that we usually get while using windows command prompt (cmd). So, i have 3 chioces now, Either using virtual machine, Installing linux os alongside windows or using our New Windows subsystem for linux i.e. WSL also known as bash shell for windows.
So i tried opening app store and started searching for ubuntu app, but after hours of troubleshooting no luck as my windows app was blocked by my organisation.Yup it’s my office laptop and here the game begins, for installing the Linux bash shell windows app manually !!

So what to do now ?

Downloading distros:

If the Microsoft Store app is not available, you can download and manually install Linux distros by clicking these links:

Installing Distro :

After successfully downloading of  linux distro let’s install it using Powershell. 
Add-AppxPackage .app_name.appx
In my case i got a bad luck while installing with Powershell. Got the given below file system error.

Resolve File System Error:

So for resolving this cramp breaking file system error i found a simple solution. Just extract the downloaded .appx package using 7 zip. and directly bash shell from there.

Downloading 7 zip :

Once the distro of your choice donwloaded extract the distro using 7-zip tool.

Enable linux subsystem feature

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

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