Hi guys as we all know whole world is affected from highly contagious Coronavirus also known as Covid -19.
Coronavirus was first found in china and now from whole world we are getting Coronavirus cases. In India we got approx 30 cases of Covid-19 positive. Indian government and health ministry taking all necessary actions for stopping the spread of this highly contagious virus.
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2 days before government added a necessary  Corona prevention guideline message each time you make a call. Listening this message for 1-2 is okay but every-time you make a call first you have to listen this prevention guideline then only your call gets connected which really frustrating.

Resolution :
So here is the step by step guide to skip this Corona prevention guideline message:
  1. Make a regular call to any number
  2. Once call connects and that guideline  message starts just open number pad.
  3. On number pad just type *
and that’s bamm you finally got rid from this frustrating issue.

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