Looking to boycott China? Here’s a list of non-Chinese Apps you can choose including some good Indian Apps

With the ever-growing drama around the most popular  Chinese app-tiktok and the recent disturbing events at the Indian borders, the Indian population has been itching to boycott Chinese apps and products as it is increasing china’s currency and becoming a downfall for India. In the recent landmark move by the government of India, Indian Railways has cut ties with a Chinese company worth Rs 471 crore.

Infiltration of our Indian market:

However, the Chinese products and apps have infiltrated into the Indian market so deeply that it sometimes becomes difficult to find out which of our favourite apps are Chinese and which ones are not. But since our honorable prime minister has urged all of us to be more #atmanirbhar it has become our duty to turn away from apps and indulge ourselves in ingenous apps and products.

Not only are several people signing petitions to boycott these apps, they are also actively looking for alternatives to replace these apps with non-Chinese ones.

Ban chinese apps

So, let us now take a look at some of the alternatives for a few popular Chinese Apps:


Firstly: Non-Chinese Sharing apps (SHAREit and xender)

As soon as sharing apps like SHAREit and xender were launched in the market they became an instant hit with the Indian audience as it could transfer big files within a few minutes. In January 2019 the most downloaded app in India after WhatsApp and Facebook was SHAREit.


Here is a list of apps with excellent reviews which are good alternatives for these two apps:

1.     Files by Google

2.     JioSwitch(Indian)

3.   Share All(Indian)

4.     Send Anywhere

5.    SuperBeam


 Secondly: Non-Chinese shopping apps (ClubFactory, Shein)

Due to ever-growing demands of the increasing population, the supply of Chinese goods to India have also increased. As sites like ClubFactory, Shein provide goods at 50% to 60% below the price of normal Indian sellers, they have gained popularity among the young adults.60% of total revenue of club factory comes from India which is disappointing if you are looking to boycott Chinese shopping apps.


Here is a list of good Indian apps with excellent reviews which are good alternatives for these two apps which will not only help us boycott the above apps but also help us grow internally #atamnirbhar

Here are some Indian sites:

1: Faballey (Indian)


2: Bewakoof (Indian)


3: Souled store (Indian)


   4: Ajio (Indian)


   5: Pantaloons (Indian)


6: Koovs (Indian)


   7: Nykaa (Indian)


1.  Thirdly: Non-Chinese web browsing apps (UC browser, DU browser, APUS browser)

Something all of us need in our daily life for every little query are web browsing apps and some of the browsing apps that we as an Indian are addicted to are Chinese, as these apps takes little internet speed to load the query.


Here is a list of good Indian apps with excellent reviews which are good alternatives for these Chinese apps.

  1:  Epic browser


  2:  Venus browser


  3:  Yo browser


  4:  Jio browser(Indian)


  5:   Google chrome


  6:   Fire Fox


Lastly: Non-Chinese Social media apps(tiktok)

India has become the largest market for the app tiktok in less than 2 years and has about 2/3rd of the total downloads that is 466.8 million out of 1.5 billion. The recent drama around tiktok has made the app even more popular. Not that it needed any help because of its ever-growing popularity. Right from the small towns to metro cities, everyone has been bitten by the tiktok bug.


Here is a list of good apps with excellent reviews which are as good as tiktok and will also not steal your data for their personal gain.

 1:   Roposo (Indian)


 2:   Bolo indya (Indian)


 3:  Sharechat (Indian)


 4:  Likee


So now that you have an extensive list of non-Chinese apps, get to work on uninstalling all the apps from your phone and be an active participant in the #boycottchina movement because as an Indian, change starts from us so take a step in the right direction today.




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