Are you tired of having awkward conversations about utility bill sharing or listening to “I forgot”? Well, if you are then, you are not suffering alone in this difficult situation. In this day and age, there are growing number of people living in flats, who are sharing the need of apps that help them to ease their work of keeping records. All these apps keep us informed on what, when and how, anything is bound to increase or paid. So here we bring you some apps that will be helpful in your day to day working.

Apps for room partners

We know that there are various types of roommates like office-going, college-students, couples, etc. and the needs also varies from person to person. So, we will try to give a holistic list that can surely find one or other apps to suit your demand.

  Ü Roomster :

Roomster App

Well let’s start from finding you a roommate first. Roomster helps in finding roommates and apartments in 192 countries. Its website provides this facility in 18 different languages. Roomster makes it easy to chat with potential roommates with its in-app messaging feature. It shows the list of recently posted rooms by people who are looking for roommate. It’s like Tinder for roommates; you can even upload preferences that you are looking for in a roommate.

  Ü  Splitwise :

Splitwise Apps

Now gone are the days of remembering “who owes who”. Here you can create groups, add expenses and get an exact idea of everybody’s share of dues. Also, splitwise is online backed so anyone from the group can add any expense and view their balance. It also has the feature of dividing a particular bill among only desired members if needed. It is available on web, android as well as iPhone. Overall, it is a must own app for roommates. Try not to increase your debt then *chuckles*          

  Ü Our groceries shopping list :

Nobody likes to see an empty refrigerator or grocery compartment when hunger calls in middle of the night. So, use the groceries app to regularly update your list and keep your grocery in sync with your roommates. It also provides the feature of checking off the items when you or your partner goes shopping. It can regulate multiple shopping lists at a time and also provides different recipes to help you cook. 

Ü Evernote :

Evernote Apps


Use evernote as the place you put everything… Don’t ask yourself which device it’s on- it’s on Evernote” – this is how The New York Times describes the app. Over 100 million+ downloads, this app is nothing less than a blessing for students in particular and for everybody else who likes to keep their work organized.

It provides almost any format like notes, memos, checklists, etc. and also helps in organizing texts, PDFs, audio, video etc. It will ease your work as it can do task management and also provides the feature of archiving. You can also add members that are people who might be helpful in your work. So don’t let the brain storming wait.

Ü Gaming :


This one is purely a personal choice that you can use in your spare time. It can even work as an ice breaker if roommates are not well acquainted. It depends on your individual taste and your partner but we have provided you with a list of games, which are as follows:

1)     Ludo king

2)     Pubg

3)     Online chess

4)     Call of Duty (Mobile)

5)     Card games like poker, rummyetc.


I hope that you find these suggestions relevant and useful. We will keep bringing such informant articles for you and hope to make life a little easier for you all.


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