Google Colab RAM from 12GB to 25GB:

Google Colab has been a blessing to all programmers and the ones aspiring to enter the field of data science. It provides us with free GPU for Machine learning and Deep Learning projects. It provides us with some popular libraries such as Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and OpenCV. However,sometimes users may find the memory to be lacking. So here we are to bring happiness in your lives by bringing the solution to that problem and to make you believe it’s actually possible to increase the memory on Google Colab For Free and enhance your Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning projects.

Users are provided with 12GB of RAM but guess what, it is not fixed. Some of you may know it and some of you may not but users can increase the RAM from 12GB to 25GB in few simple steps. Colab pro provides you with the option of increasing the RAM but charges around $9.99/month and as a beginner in this field you don’t want to pay for this service.


Google Colab Pro is only available for free in the US but forthat users have to use VPN like HOXX.  However, with this option Google Colab Pro disconnects continuously. If you are facing this problem of Google Colab disconnecting head to this link to resolve your issue (                .

  ü Process of Increment in RAM!

So, without further delay lets introduce you to how to get a free upgrade from your current 12GB to 25GB. It requires the simplest of steps:

Code to increase your RAM in Google Colab

now save the copy to Google drive and click to connect, and voila! Themagic happens.

Process to increase RAM in Google Colab

Look how we made it simple for you, now sit back and enjoy your new 25GB of RAM.

RAM increased in Google Colab

    Ä  Older Version of The Process:

In the older version where you write this code of 3 lines and try to exhaust your RAM doesn’t work anymore.

But this message doesn’t appear anymore:


 We hope this article brought a quick fix for your RAM problem.



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