Internship sites to help you through 2020

Internships are indeed the best way for acquiring new skills. This is a golden opportunity for students who have just completed school, college or any vocational course and are looking to master a particular area of expertise. Many students also look for summer internship to spend their vacation time productively. But as we are living in the time of pandemic, it has become an escape route for one’s empty mind. It is helping people to focus on fruitful activities which can help them grow in this lock-down. Internship is not only posing as a distraction but will help to develop their resume which can become a great asset in the future.

Internships provide working experience to students and put their knowledge from the academics to practice. They get acquainted with the practical workings of a particular stream like law, medical etc. These can be paid or sometimes without pay, and the duration depends accordingly. So, if you are unsure about where to apply for internship, here are the top sites that will guide you:

Benefits of internship

1.     Internshala:

Internshala website


Internshala is one of the biggest and most popular platform for internships in India. There are different fields of internship available on this site. For example, engineering, management, hospitality, medical, media, marketing, business, and a lot more. It also provides you with options of choosing Location, form of work and duration.

Signing in for an internship in this site is very simple and easy. User can choose their field to gain an of that field. It gives an option to track your status after applying for an intern through email and internship alert. 

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1.     Absolute Internship:

Absolute Internship website

Absolute Internship help people in finding international internships. It was launched in 2009. Since then it has become an award-winning global internship program in which over 4,000 students have completed their internships. This will help to build a global network while obtaining important professional skills.

The site has partnered with more than 800 companies in various countries worldwide. It provides internships in prime cities of the world such as: Barcelona, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Singapore, Tokyo, etc. The process of registering is as follows-

·       Choose Experience (Study, Volunteer, Intern, Teach)

·       Filter your search (Pick a destination)

·       Select your program (Choose a subject, term, cause)

·       Save and compare programs

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1.     Lets Intern:

Lets intern website

Lets Intern is a well-equipped site which comes in handy for students who have completed their secondary education, or freshers. It provides internship opportunities in companies which are start-ups as well as big successful ones. The range of internships brought by Lets Intern include Internships, Visual Internships, Brand Evangelists, Campus ambassadors, Volunteers, as well as Full-time jobs.

Registration on the site is easy. After registration, you will get all the internship alerts and notifications. They also provide newsletters containing internship information and tips. You can choose internship based on your favourable location or industry on this website. It also has a special feature of Blog where you can get updates about people viewing and applying for a particular job.


1.     Hello Intern:

Hello Intern website


Hello Intern was introduced at IIT Bombay by 4 students in 2006. Since then it has become an amazing platform for students who are just starting out. It provides internship in various fields. For instance, media, marketing, human resources, customer support, medical, law, fashion, business management, hospitality etc.

The website is easy to navigate through. It provides internships in start-ups, non-profit organizations and established companies. They recommend both national and international internships. One of the attractive attributes of the site is that students can get their career related queries answered by professionals of the career. The process of registration and query-answering is simple.

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Twenty19 for internship


Twenty19 is one of the best sites for college students in which one has voluntary chances, internship opportunities as well as projects. Website has a feature where you can share your personal profile with the companies you want to apply in, which in return gives companies a chance to pick the best suited intern for them. Website is cost efficient for both students as well as colleges.

Twenty19 provides a range of courses you can learn apart from the internship opportunities. They provide internship in various fields such as information technology, business management, event management etc. Colleges can use this site to advertise their upcoming events and workshops to invite students for participation.

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