Every PUBG player in India right now is like “Ye dukh khatam kahe ni hota hai be“. After the order of Government of India to ban 118 Chinese Apps including PUBG, the entire youth of the country has become downhearted. Since this game became their support to overcome the boredom of the pandemic. For the past couple of years, PUBG has gained enormous popularity in Indian youth and teenagers. Even cases of PUBG addiction were reported in fair numbers.

Now as the adventure of PUBG has come to a halt, there is scope for other similar genre games to rise to the stage. So, in this article we provide you with 5 games which are an alternative to PUBG. You can also play these games with your friends. As India is cutting ties with China completely, we are here to guide you towards a non-chinese product lifestyle. We have previously posted articles on alternatives to Chinese mobile phones and apps which can be helpful to you.

1.Call of Duty Mobile (alternative for PUBG):

  • With over 100 million+ downloads on Google play store it is definitely one of most famous franchises.Also, now it has become specially designed for mobile by Activision publishing, Inc.

You get to play different multi-player maps, modes. Like PUBG it also offers a 100 player Battle Royal Ground, Sniper battle, team of 5v5 death match and many other options.

With impeccable graphics and close similarity of battlefields and guns this game surely has the potential to replace PUBG.

It takes 1.5 GB space on android phones.

Pubg alternative

2. Garena Free Fire (alternative for PUBG):

In this game, you are put with other 49 players on an island. Like in PUBG here also you can land your parachute wherever you want. You can play in squad mode or even solo. With regular updates from the developers, the game ensures that you get ample choices in weapons.

It has over 500 million+ downloads and takes 580 MB on an Android Smartphone.

PUBG alternative: Free Fire

3. Hopeless Land-Fight for survival

This game has over 50 million+ downloads and takes 350 MB on Android Smartphone. It supports up to 121 players, also gives you to fly a helicopter. You also don’t need a high end graphic gaming phone to play this as it a simplified battle game.

PUBG alternative: Hopeless Land-Fight

5. Last day on Earth- Survival (alternative for PUBG):

This game has almost 50 million+ downloads and takes 344 MB on your phone. It is a post-apocalyptic game in which an unknown infection has destroyed nearly all humans and those who died have now turned into zombies. Only few who have survived are trying to keep the protagonist alive. So not exactly a PUBG like gaming but it will surely give you a Hollywood movie hangover. You need to use whatever resources you get to kill all the zombies and survive the game.

5. Sniper 3D-Gun shooting game:  

It has over 100 million+ downloads and takes 107 MB on Android Smartphone. With the ultimate aim of becoming the best sniper assassin this is a fast pace multiplayer assassin game. It even offers both offline and online mode. You can unlock guns and fun upgrades for ammo and grip. It has Ultra-realistic 3D graphics and intuitive game controls.

We hope you can find solace in these games. RIP Pubg in india.

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