Email marketing has evolved a lot over the years. Over 50% of the global population i.e. 4 billion are using Email for their requirements. Over 2.4 million emails were delivered in every minute. This makes Email marketing a go-to choice for Businesses to target their population. There it comes Active campaign Vs GetResponse.

The Digital Marketing field has reached greater heights with the rise in Automation. This resulted in the emergence of Marketing Automation giants such as Active campaign Vs GetResponse

If you are in a huddle to choose the best Email marketing tool, just be with me for the next 15 mins and you will get to know about the in and out’s of the above-mentioned Email Marketing Automation Tools. Let’s GO!!!

Active campaign Vs GetResponse – The difference

Even though, both Active Campaign and Get response are working in the Marketing Automation domain, there are some differences between them –

  • The GetResponse tools will offer you the Cutting Edge landing pages for instant use. But on the other hand, Active campaign do not have this feature.
  • The Active campaign does not have default Webinar tool, but the GetResponse has the in-built webinar feature.
  • The GetResponse facilitates you to contact your users / subscribers through Email. But the Active Campaign allows you to contact your subscribers by Messages (SMS) and website messaging as well.
  • Through GetResponse you can sell your products and get the payments through landing pages. But you cannot these features in Active Campaign.

Feature comparison – Active campaign Vs GetResponse

Both Active Campaign and GetResponse are exceptional at Email Marketing Automation. Let’s compare all the features of this Marketing Automation software to get a brief idea about their caliber. 

FeaturesActive CampaignGetResponse
Lead scoringYESYES
Lead segmentationYESYES
Web Activity TrackingYESYES
SMS marketingYESNo
Personalised Web contentYESYES
Predictive AnalysisYESNo
CRM syncing (Bi-Directional)YESNo
Event managementYESNo
Create invoicesYESYES
Create quotesNoNo
Split testingYESYES
Create membership sitesYESNo
Bulk social media postingYESNo
Sales reportYESYES
Real-time sales alertNoYES
Mobile AppNoYES

Active Campaign – Complete Review

Active campaign is a perfect blend of highly advanced Email marketing Automation tools which are designed to establish effective communication with customers, grow your business and manage all the information in one place with ease.

Active campaign Vs GetResponse

The major features that Active campaign providing are Email marketing, CRM services, Marketing automation services, and messaging services. These tools are very powerful to build a relationship with your target users and which eventually helps in business growth. Along with these tools, Active campaign is providing plenty of tools for your business – 

Active Campaign Email Marketing & Automation Tools

Below is the list of tools which Active campaign is providing to you.

  • Email marketing services.
  • Form builder tools.
  • Dynamic content tools.
  • Email segmentation.
  • Split testing.
  • Event & Site tracking.
  • Automation plans and goals tracking.
  • Sales and CRM.
  • Gmail extension for Chrome browser.
  • SMS and Site messaging services.
  • Mobile apps and predictive sending.

With all these effective tools that Active campaign is offering, The Email marketing features will allow you to send a wide range of Emails based on your requirements.

  • Triggered Emails.
  • Broadcast Emails.
  • Targeted Emails.
  • Sales funnels
  • Scheduled Emails.

The Active campaign is easy to use a tool, so you no need to worry about using this software for the first time. The Email builder has the drag and drops features so that you can easily create engaging emails in seconds. If you don’t want to create a mail, then you will be provided with default templates which you can use straightaway. 

All these in-built templates are device optimized and work brilliantly on multiple devices such as PC, mobiles, and Tablets. You can customize the font, color, design based on your brand requirements.

Email segmentation allows you to send different emails to different users based on their previous behavior and actions in your business. You can also customize the different fields in the Email such as Name, Place, Location, and more.

The Active campaign has one of the greatest integrations of mobile apps such as Facebook, Woo-commerce, and Zapier as well. You will also get an opportunity to browse over 250 apps, Awesome right?

Marketing Automation Services

The Active Campaign’s Email Marketing Automation can easily save hours of your time by automating the entire process. You can either send a welcome mail as soon as someone sign’s up to your mailing list or based on their actions and behaviors you can trigger them through trigger mails. 

In the Active campaign’s Email automation services, you can easily create your automation through drag and drop options. The automation campaign builder will assist you in assessing the automation workflow and its stages as well. 

The Email segmentation will help you to know that your users are getting the relevant information based on their interests. These features will make the users respond most of the time.

If you ever struck between the process you can find many training videos, tutorials, live support and more to help you out.

Sales and CRM services

The Active campaign has the pre-built CRM and Sales tools which keeps you informed about your leads and customers. Along with this, it used the Sales Automation to boost up the sales.

Through sales automation, you can save time and sale more with minimal efforts with the help of automation. It helps you to identify the leads who are ready to make purchases and then the sales team can do the rest.

To be simple, a new lead will sign up for your list and you can welcome them through the welcome emails and since then you can follow them to trach their actions and behavior and you can push the mails according to their actions to nurture them well. With Active campaign Sales & CRM Automation, nothing will go forgotten. 

The CRM tool in the Active campaign will allow you to manage all the contacts in one place in relation to the sales funnel. All the information regarding user actions and sales can be monitored in one place.

Amazing Email Marketing Automation Software – Active Campaign!!!

Messaging services

The Active campaign provides you the messaging services to interact with your customers whenever required. This feature is perfect so that you can reach out to any potential customers with great deals and offers.

The Active campaign’s SMS marketing automation tool will facilitate you to send the text messages to your users in the form of reminders, notifications, and alerts as well to keep them engaged with your products/business. 

There is another feature named site messaging through which you can directly message the user while they are browsing through your site. You can also automate this direct message using the segmentation so that different users will get different messages based on their interests.

Benefits of Using Active Campaign

  • Active campaign is specialised in sending the customised Emails to users, and run brand oriented campaigns to get the leads.
  • Easy to use and does not require any expertise to get started.
  • The Active campaign has the high Email deliver rate which is most important for a business like you.
  • If you want to move from another marketing automation tools or CRM, Active campaign helps in migrating all the data and contacts for free.
  • In the Active campaign you can automate almost all the sales related things.
  • The machine learning algorithms helps you to utilise the time effectively for the best results.

The Bluff of Active Campaign

The Active campaign offers plethora of tools which can be too much for a small business who just wants a simple Email marketing automation tool.

Another bluff in Active campaign is it does not includes the landing pages, which is very useful to get the leads and their information as well. You have to use the third-party landing page tools such as Leadpages.

GetResponse – Complete Review

The GetResponse is another Email Marketing Automation tool widely used by the people for their businesses to run effective communication among the users/customers.

Active campaign Vs GetResponse

The GetResponse software includes the pre-built CRM tool and many other tools such as Landing pages and more.

GetResponse Email Marketing & Automation Tools

  • Email marketing automation.
  • Sales funnels.
  • The landing pages.
  • Transactional emails.
  • Marketing automation and traffic generation.
  • CRM tools.
  • Webinar tools.
  • The survey forms.
  • List building services.
  • Analytics tools and services.
  • Campaign management.
  • API integration.

Email Marketing & Automation Using GetResponse

Active campaign Vs GetResponse

Just like the Active campaign, the GetResponse is another strong contender for Email Marketing Automation services. For Email marketing automation, you can either do from scratch or make use of the in-built templates as well.

You can easily use the drag and drop feature to build the Emails, and with the help of smart image composing feature, you can add compelling images to your Email to make it more engaging to your readers.

You can send multiple types of Emails like –

  • Autoresponders
  • Newsletters
  • Segmentation mails.
  • Automated blogs.
  • Automated sequences of Emails.

You can send the emails to your targeted group’s inbox with the GetResponse perfect time. The delivery rate of the emails in the GetResponse is 99%. Wow! that’s more than enough!

GetResponse has the feature of advanced analytics which tracks your campaign performance and many more in an effective way. Those results will be useful in optimizing the things and helps in A/B testing.

GetResponse has the high end integration with the third party apps like PayPal, woo commerce, Stripe for transactions and Social media as well.

CRM tools

The CRM tools in the GetResponse has the high end working efficiency which keeps the track of all the leads and all the contacts in one place.

You can maintain a pipeline of the sales where you can get all the information regarding the leads and the contacts as well.

There is an option in the GetResponse contacts manager as you can add the note to the contacts and keep track of what is the status of the current contact as well. You can get the complete track of the sales process effectively.

Landing Pages

The major difference between Active campaign and GetResponse is that GetResponse has pre-built landing pages which you can make use of to get the leads in great fashion.

Active campaign Vs GetResponse

For the landing pages you can use your brand images. If you dont have one you will get to access over 5000 Shutter stock images.

There are many types of landing pages are there. You can get the email opt-in pages, landing pages, free downloads and many more.


GetResponse has the most advanced and fascinating feature called Webinars. This software has the in-built webinar feature to connect with your audience effectively.

Active campaign Vs GetResponse

While the webinar is going on you can use the attractive actions like chat, live polls, screen sharing and more. You can easily share the screen with your users for the easy communication.

After your webinar is finished you will get the access of the detailed insights about the session and using the data you can make useful decisions.

The Benefits of GetResponse

  • The GetResponse offers the best in time Email marketing automation services for your businesses.
  • You can use landing pages at free of cost.
  • With the feature of Webinars, you can easily establish the communication with the users.
  • Advanced analytic features will assist you in decision making.
  • You will get 24/7 live support with all GetResponse Plans as well.
  • The GetResponse provides the true worth for your money.

The Bluffs of GetResponse

The only bluffs in the GetResponse you can see is, it has no SMS and Site messaging services or tools which is available in Active campaign. Compared to the Active campaign the UI is a bit cluttered but I think it will make no difference to you while using the software.

The Pricing – Active campaign Vs GetResponse

The Active campaign pricing has the various options. It has the plans which suite to the various statutes of the business.

The Active Campaign has the different price plans like – Lite, Plus, Professional and Enterprise.

active campaign
  • The Lite plan is $9/ month which comes with 1000 contacts. This plan includes unlimited sending of emails, newsletters, autoresponders and more.
  • The Plus plan costs $49/month and comes with the features present in Lite along with CRM, Lead scoring, data integrations and analytics.
  • The Professional Plan costs $129/month and comes with the 1000 contacts and features of Lite and Plus plans along with Site messaging, attribution and more.
  • The Enterprise plan costs $229/month and comes with the features of previous 3 plans along with custom domain, dedicated account assistance, design services and more.

The Pricing: Active campaign Vs GetResponse

Like active campaign the GetResponse also offers the various pricing plans to suite different businesses.

  • The Basic plan costs $15/month and comes with 1000 contacts and email marketing, newsletters, autoresponders and more.
  • The Plus plan costs $49/month which includes the features of basic plan along with Automation builder, Webinars and more.
  • The Professional Plan costs $99/month which includes the everything in Basic and Plus along with Sales funnels, Webinars and 5 user accounts.
  • The Enterprise Plan costs $800 /month and moreover it is a customisable plan. You can choose what you want and have to pay accordingly.

Active campaign Vs GetResponse – Which is Better?

When it comes to Active campaign Vs GetResponse, both Active campaign and GetResponse are advanced and result oriented Email Marketing Automation Tools offering various features to the businesses.

But, you cannot choose both at a same time right?

One should be better than other. It may be in offering features.

I must say that if you are looking for a organised, advanced and affordable Email Marketing Automation tool, then GetResponse is for you.

It provides all the marketing solutions along with CRM in one place and it is easy to use, effective and affordable.

But again, if you are not interested in Webinars and Landing pages, with all the featured Active Campaign can be your best solution of all time Email marketing problems.

By analysing all the features, options and variety, I can say that Active Campaign got the upper hand here in the Email Marketing Automation. Don’t wait! Go for it!

If you want to try these software’s, then you have to subscribe for the GetResponse 30 day free trail without credit card.

But Active campaign provides Free plan with certain limitations for rest of the life.

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