R is built on the S language, which is a statistical open-source programming language. This article gives you a brief idea about R language, its features, and applications of R programming as well. 

In the late decades, Ross and Gentlemen thought of designing a statistical tool that can be used by their students for the studies. Even though they have S at that time which is more research-focused and non-research people started starching their heads. Then comes the R language, a powerful, statistical analysis programming language.

What is the Purpose of R?

The R mainly focuses on statistical analysis, model building, mathematical computations, and graphical visualization. On the other hand, S does the same.

You may ask, then why we have 2 languages?

Well, S language is a strong contender in statistical modeling and computations. It assists the research people and requires impeccable knowledge of Statistics.

The major advantage of the R is being an Open-source language. You can contribute to the community as well. It is free and anyone can use it without any hassle.

R language also visualizes the data through graphs. It has powerful packages which help in graphically visualize the data to present to the non-technical people or the business stakeholders.

What are the features of R?

One of the coolest features of the R is it has both languages for programming and an environment. You can use it for data analysis and graphical visualizations respectively. You can find the features of R below –

  • The R is simple but effective open source programming language mainly used for statistical analysis.
  • Language R is very good for loops, user-defined functions and input – output capabilities as well.
  • It has each and every tool required for the data analysis.
  • R has a amazing set of packages which assist in creating the compelling graphical representations.
  • Includes amazing data storing, analysing features along with huge community.
  • Finally, R is extensible, feasible, open-source, powerful and robust language.

Applications of R Programming language

Applications of R programming are much more than you think. The word might not be that popular but the programming language is so popular among the people who love computations.

Unlike the way people showcase the applications of R, I want to write it different.

Worry NOT!!!

We will describe how the global companies are using R programming language. Sounds good? Follow us!

1. Google

Google – A tech giant in the IT world is using the R language for multiple purposes such as Economic forecasting and Advertising effectiveness measurement. Their chief’s namely ‘Daryl’ and ‘Hal’, who heads the department of statistics and economics have mentioned the used and applications of R in Google.

Another way Google uses R is for visualizing and analyzing the ROI of the marketing campaigns of the clients, which helps them to make data-driven decisions to improve the facility.

2. Facebook

Facebook will collect tons of data every hour and they will need a powerful language that has all the necessary tools to explore that data. Their team leads agreed that R provides inbuilt analytical features and they don’t need to go anywhere to get that. They can easily go and analyze whenever they want.

Their data scientist, ‘Mr. Paul’ said that R is very helpful in analyzing the data which is a combination of people connectivity over the borders and oceans. You can now gauge how useful R is.

3. The New York Times

r programming

The New York Times is one of the popular Journalism organization in the world. You may wonder why the New York times need the R language?

This Media communication platform is using the R language for multiple things such as Election forecasting, NFL drafting, to gauge wealth distribution in the countries, and dialect quiz.

GOD! dont doubt on these mentions. R is way powerful and useful than you and I think.

4. Twitter

applications of r

“Data is the new fuel”. How nicely this statement fits for social media. The organizations like Twitter will function on the data-driven insights to provide more value to its user base and there is no second word about it.

Their tech team said that they will use the MapReduce techniques and then passes the data to the R for more analysis and visualization as well.

R is very useful in the semantic segmentation of the data and users and can target them for ads and any other promotional value-based campaigns.

5. ANZ Banking Limited

applications of r

ANZ is a global banking corporation based in Australia. It operates in the Financial sector and getting almost tons of data from its user transactions.

ANZ group is using the R language to analyze the data and for model building purposes. They build statistical models using R language to get an idea of their customer behavior. This will help them to provide more value to the concerned user group.

Another aspect that ANZ is using the R language is to keep a check on the Credit card frauds. Using R they will get the unusual transaction behavior and thereby avoids those frauds as well.

Wrapping Up – Applications of R

Till now we have come across various applications of R programming in the real world and how companies are leveraging on R for the amazing benefits it offers.

R is way beautiful, powerful than it appears and people think. It is just like a blessing for a statistician or an Analyst working with R language.

That’s all for now. Happy R!!!

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