As you sit in your room alone in this pandemic doing nothing and talking to no one but yourself in your head, you can always use some good company. Because of the latest technology, connecting with people has become way easier than before. You can always talk to your friends and family via their contact number but connecting with strangers is a different thing. Talking to strangers can be fun whether it is for making connection or to pass your time in this pandemic. So, we bring you some chatting apps with strangers for the same. These apps offer text conversations. Some of these even allow audio and video calls. It will help you find interesting people with just some clicks.

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So here are some of the best chatting apps with strangers for Android and iOS:


It is very rare that you connect with people who have similar tastes like you. This chatting apps with strangers will help you connect with those people as it lets you find people who are alike using #hashtags. It is available on both Android and iOS.

Chatous : chatting apps with strangers

Also, you don’t have to reveal your identity and change your username depending on your convenience. It also protects your identity as you don’t have to login or give in your credentials. It lets you have smooth text conversations along with sending images, audios and videos. Video call is also one of the favourable features.

You can download from here.


HOLLA Live is a random video calling and chatting apps with strangers in which you can connect with new people by swiping. This app is simple to use and can connect you with people around the globe. Also, this feature of video and voice call is free even for international calls.

HOLLA Live : chatting apps with strangers

It is a safe chat app as it automatically blurs the screen when another user is being inappropriate. You can also report such people. The randomness of who you are going to chat with next makes the app very exciting. It is available both on Android as well as iOS.

You can download from here.


Azar is a widely used chatting apps with strangers in over 190 countries with 400 million users worldwide. Since this app has a worldwide coverage, it provides a filter option so that you can exclude areas in which you don’t want a match. You can choose the gender and region to start a random chat. You also have the option to chat anonymously and can still make a friends list.

Azar: chatting apps with strangers

The best feature of Azar is that it has a real-time language converter. Because of this you can chat with someone who is not aware of your language. You simply have to turn it on and it will translate every single word in real time. It is available both on Android as well as iOS.

You can download from here


This chatting apps with strangers has around 100 million plus people chatting, live streaming and making friends every day. It is available both on Android as well as iOS. This app is available in various languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi etc.

MeetMe: chatting apps with strangers

This app will help you connect with people living in your local area. It shows people who are available in your area to chat. But this is not the limit of the app. It will still connect you with people around the globe. You have the option of chatting, audio call and video call. It is also famous for its live streams. The app is safe and you can definitely try it.

You can download from here.

Anonymous Chat Rooms

As the name itself suggests, you can remain anonymous while using this chatting apps with strangers. This app is mostly used for sharing thoughts and emotions with random strangers. You can also use it anonymously confess your feelings to someone (wink). It is available in more than 32 different languages and connects you worldwide.

Anonymous Chat Rooms

The security of the app is very well taken care of. As the messages are encrypted and also self-destructing, and inappropriate activities are censored. Only the username that is provided by you is visible to others and other information is hidden. It is available both on Android as well as iOS.

You can download from here.

Chat for Strangers By FunPokes

This is a great chat app for IPhone users which allows instant one-on-one chats. This app has a feature to filter people according to age and gender. However, you can filter age only when you have paid to be an elite user. It allows sharing of media across the world.

Chat for strangers

Like other apps, this also provide video calls and chats. You can receive notifications for messages on this app. It has got a clean user interface and is user-friendly. Although it is best for IPhone users but it is available for both Android and iOS users. It allows you to chat with about 1000 active users across the globe.

You can download from here


This is one of the trendy app for Android users. They can download it anytime from Google Play Store. It has around 100 million active users. Hitwe app allows to find friends across the world and you can chat with them just by putting a heart on their profile.


You need to increase the number of likes in your profile to become genuine and amazing. This app has various levels which you can pass and grow. It also has an adorable feature of sending and receiving stickers, GIFs and emojis to each other. It also provides protection from Scams and fakes.

You can download from here.


This chat app is more often known as a dating app and is available for Android and iOS users. You can find yourself a match in your area by swiping through the photos. After swiping you can start a conversation.


The app claims to be 100% secure and private. So all your data including images and other information are safe and well-protected. It has a strict prohibition on nudity which will make women feel safer. It is a free app which is based on location of user.

You can download from here.

Chatting apps with strangers Has been brought to a conclusion:

We hope that you will find the app best suited for you according to the information provided. We could have brought you more apps but many Chinese apps have been banned in India due to the current conflict. Now, you can make friends and enjoy during this pandemic using these Stranger Chat apps. Hope this will make you feel less lonely during such difficult times.

It’s a beautiful thing to meet someone who makes you forget your troubles.” Sometimes we meet someone and feel like we have known them all our lives.

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