Many of you may think to hide apps in android phone for numerous reasons. Hiding apps in Android is nasty but when it comes to privacy and protection of personal information you should consider hiding sensible apps.

Why people want to hide Apps?

When it comes to hiding something, the primary reason for that will be to protect something. In our case, it is protecting our personal information from unauthorized access.

There can be multiple reasons for a person to hide some applications on his/her phone. Those apps may contain important files or data or it can even include personal or his/her dear one’s information. It can be in multiple formats like image, video, text, and more.

In this digital world, along with the rapid increase in technology, one can also witness the increase in digital frauds and malfunctions. People who know your passcodes can easily go through your apps and can see the sensitive data that you don’t want to share with anyone. The android phone offers some facilities to facilitate this concern. There are some ways through which you can easily hide apps on an android phone.

1. Third Party Apps

There are plenty of third-party applications available on the web. You may hear about the Nova launcher application, which provides all-round security to your device along with device optimization tools such as battery saver and more.

This is the user interface of the ‘Nova launcher application’ in the Android view. To get started –

  • Install the “Nova Launcher” app from the web.
  • Open the app and explore.
  • Click on the “Settings” tab.
  • Click on the “Apps and Widgets drawers”.
  • In the drawer groups tab –
  • Click on “Hide Apps” and Tick the box in front of the Apps to select the apps which do you want to hide.

That’s it. You hided required apps in your Android device with ease.

2. Disable the App

Another way of hiding the App in android is by Disabling it. Anyway, you don’t have any options to hide apps in android by default. You can add the app lock but you cannot hide them. But it does not mean you get no options.

For this, you can consider disabling the app. It will remove the app from the app interface on your phone and no-one can find it. You can follow the below steps to disable the app.

android apps
  • Open “Settings” in your android phone.
  • Click on “Apps” tab.
  • You will now get entire app list.
  • You have to select a app by clicking on it.
  • Finally, click on “disable” option to remove it from UI.

3. App hider

The above mentioned 2 methods are fine and you can easily hide apps in android using them. In this case, you can use the App hider applications to hide the apps on your phone.

You can download these applications in the “Google Play Store” and have to install it. All you need to do it is to select the apps export them to App hider and uninstall the apps from the main screen. The app hider will keep your apps safe with security passwords.

hide apps
  • Install the “App Hider” application.
  • Select the apps that you want to hide.
  • Uninstall the apps from main screen.
  • Use the apps through App hider with security password.

Wrapping Up – Hide apps in Android

Hiding apps in android can act as strong protection from many prying eyes. All your sensible data, files, images, and more can be easily protected by the above-mentioned methods.

These are trusted and result in oriented methods that you can use straight away in your android phone.

That’s all for now, Happy hiding!!!

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