In a country like India where service sector provides more than 50% of the jobs. Software industry remains the forerunner in the service sector. With the world becoming more and more online there a boom in demand of people with required technical skills. It remains one of the highly paid jobs in our country. And there is no boundary barrier which stops you in getting jobs for even other countries. And the question arises that how to get a job in programming without a degree?

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Breaking the myths of How to get a job in programming without a degree?

Many people think that they can’t get into the software industry without a degree in computers or information technology. This conception is far from reality and many surveys have already proved the fact that nearly half of the workforce. In the software industry is non-computer degree background. Perhaps this one of the few industries which demands from you only the required skills and not the degree. So even if you don’t have a conventional degree. You can still get your dream job in this sector provided you are ready to work hard.

What is a Software Engineer?

How to get a job in programming without a degree

Although most of you would already familiar with the work of a software engineer. But for those who have some confusion let’s clear it once and for all. The broad arena of a software engineer is writing codes, testing them. And providing quick solutions for any type of error or problem.

How to get a job in programming without a degree?

We have a list of steps which you should follow the desired result:

Decide your aim clearly:

How to get a job in programming without a degree

As you are already late and lagging behind, a confused mind will only create more chaos. You should be crystal clear what your final goal is or at least next 5 years plan that you ideally would want to achieve. It can be anything like working full time in a recognized MNC or having a multiple of part time jobs or having your own startup. Believe me having these goals will help you to chart your path.

Start with a good language:

People are always confused about which language to start with. Look if you learn any language to start with you can always make your transition to other languages too. It is more important to learn the fundamentals than to ponder over the options. Once you decide your language you will have to put in much effort to have a good command over that language. This is the most difficult part. People are quick in making plans but not so quick in implementing them.

Work/practice in real world environment:

There are many tools available online like:

These tools are used by real software developers while working. Using them will make you more comfortable when you will work in any company or professionally. You can also try to find what other developers are doing. How they are approaching their work to get an idea what is really in demand currently. GitHub Repositories help you in doing this.

Get involved with developer communities:

There are many platforms like LinkedIn which connects. You with other people like you who have just started on even experienced one’s. This will help you when you get stuck while working or when you feel lost. Also it will help you when you will be searching for jobs. Most of the recruitments in this industry are done through referrals. You will also get an idea about what the recruiters are searching in seekers these days.

Work on actual projects:

How to get a job in programming without a degree

There is no practice as good as the match practice. Also making projects will reflect on your seriousness and make the interviewer impressed with your work when you reach to the interview process. You can make your project with a group or even your own. Platforms like Team Treehouse’s Techdegree helps you in this.

Start applying for jobs:

How to get a job in programming without a degree

Considering you have prepared enough on the basics and worked on your skills. It is now the right time to apply for jobs. The networks which you created earlier would definitely help you now. Prepare yourself thoroughly for the interview and probable questions that you may face there.


Every year, the demand for programming skills grows. Now that you know how to get a programming job without a degree. All you have to do is put in the work. While learning to program does take work, it is a lot of fun too. We hope you find this article helpful in your endeavor and wish you best of luck for your upcoming journey.

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