The R is a language and environment specifically made for statistical computations and graphics. The R language is a GNU (GNU’s Not Unix) project, which is similar to the S language. You may also call R the unique or different usage of S language. Many of you know multiple programming languages and R language may seems new. If you ever thought of is an R programming language?, then this article will brief you about the R language in an effective way.

is R programming language

Is R programming language?

If you ever had a question like is an R programming language? then my answer for it should be a big YES. The R language is particularly made to suit statistical modeling, data analysis, and more computation heavy tasks. It’s amazing features, tools and graphics made it even more compatible and scalable to solve real-world problems.

R programming language

The R language is an open-source language available under GNU general public license. The key advantages of the R language are its massive developer community, amazing analytical tools, and the capability of performing analytical tasks over tons of data. You can use R in Windows, macOS, Linux, and Unix devices.

About R Environment

The R language is the best fit for data manipulation, analysis, mining, processing, and graphical analysis. It includes –

  • Data handling and storage capability.
  • Provides multiple tools for precise analysis.
  • Integrated tools and features for big data analysis.
  • Graphical facilities to visualise large masses of data.
  • A neat programming language composed of loops, statements, functions, input and output facilities and many more.
R programming

Some people say R is a system to perform statistical tasks. But R is not only a system but also a composed programming language. So, your doubts about are R programming language is shrinking, I hope.

You can easily find an amazing collection of packages for your particular requirements. You can find tons of packages in the CRAN family and you can also know about their documentation as well.


Wrapping Up

Well, this is a brief article on the R language. This article took you through R, it’s basics, it’s working, environment, functions, features, tools, and more.

The R language is not a system, it is one of the most useful languages to program things as well. Its presence in data manipulation, analysis, visualization is impeccable.

I hope, now you got the answer to your Million Dollar question – is R programming language? and the answer is YES

That’s all for now. Happy R!!!

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