Well the most lucrative job change option still remains the coding field. All those of you who are or were considering your job change surely would have considered coding at least once. Most of people have this assumption that the software engineering is hard. But is it really, is software engineering really hard? In this article we will try to explain to you why this conception is there and why it is not that true.

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What is a Software Engineer?

Although most of you would already familiar with the work of a software engineer. But for those who have some confusion let’s clear it once and for all. The broad arena of a software engineer is writing codes, testing them. And providing quick solutions for any type of error or problem.

Why this Misconception of Software Engineering hard?

We are here to tell you about the things which will remove your misconception about Is Software Engineering hard? Here are some facts that will prove this misconception wrong and will tilt your mind towards learning this language.

Seems like a foreign language:

Is Software Engineering hard

We all have surely came across people who write some weird language and make the computer perform any task of their choice. Now as an outsider when you don’t have any clue what they are writing you accept the fact that it some god gifted talent that only they have and assume that software engineering is hard. But think again, it is like learning any other language. Let’s say you want to learn Spanish which contains much more words than any programming language and that too with same words having multiple emotions at different times. So the bottom line is that however weird it may seem you just need the desire to learn them.

Paid the big bucks:

Is Software Engineering hard

Most of the software developers/programmers get paid a handsome package. This also create the conception that there work might be really tough. I am not saying that there work is a piece of cake but one of the reasons of their high package is the high demand of programmers. As we all know that today most of work is done online and people also prefer that they do not have to move out of their comfort zone and all their services get delivered to them by just tapping on some sites this is the reason why there is a huge demand of programmers and hence the package.

Too much math:

Is Software Engineering hard

This one comes during our school days, most of the computer science students in our schools also have maths as one of the subject. So we get the idea that without maths there is no way we could learn programming. We should recognize the fact that yes it is helpful to code or learn any new programming language if you have some basic understanding of maths, but it’s not like you will be paralyzed without maths. It is just a tool which you could always get command over.

Continuous studying:

Is Software Engineering hard

There is no denying that the software industry is fastest changing, there is one or other language/tool that comes out every now and then. But you should understand the fact it is these developers who learn those tools quite easily. All I want to say is that you just need to strengthen your fundamentals in any of the languages, as most of the algorithm remains the same. It is just like making a transition from one OS version to other. The basics remain the same.

Degree problem:

The biggest roadblock for most of people. Let’s assume you don’t have a computer degree but still want to pursue a career in coding. Well you couldn’t have asked for a more lenient transition. The only pre requisite is the knowledge which you can have even without a degree. Also many surveys have already shown that nearly half of the workforce in software industry remains non computer science background.


So we hope that we were able to break at least some of your misconceptions with our arguments about is software engineering really hard. If you were in any sort of dilemma about how to start your journey in the coding field, you must have found this article helpful. Thankyou for reading. Like it please leave a comment.

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