Are you wondering what is com samsung android incallui. And you probably wondering how do remove com samsung android incallui? So here we are to discuss about the com samsung android incallui. And we will tell you about some of the useful information on why and how it is used. You can also know if some is spying on you using incallui. We don’t even notice how smart the applications are in our daily mundane life. So let’s discuss what are the alternatives of com samsung android incallui.

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What is com samsung android incallui?

It is a incallui that you can see on your device while calling someone. Let me simplify it you may know it as call screen with all the options. There are options like  holding a callmuting ithanging up the calladding another person on call. These option are available in the incallui or you can call it “in-call-interface”. It is like all the other apps to see the options that are available you have to open the com samsung android incallui. The same way when you press the call button incallui launches automatically without your noticing it.

Samsung is the world leader when it comes to smartphones. Its always been since the beginning as we have known smartphones. Samsung was always there in someone’s hand. And on December 28, 2018, Samsung introduced it’s “OneUI” for its smartphones. OneUI is an overlay skin for the android the devices. OneUI provides some additional feature to the samsung smart phones. One of those features of the OneUI is the com samsung android incallui. Everytime you make a phone call you can see incallui.

The incallui consists of a call screen that you interact with and shows you caller ID. And after that there are regular options that come after you pickup the call. All these are a part of incallui. The above is a screenshot of how the incallui looks.

Why is InCallUI used?

InCallUI makes it simple for you to take calls and identify who is calling. And also it gives you various options which will make your life smarter and easier. For instance, changing volume level, option to record calls, mute a call, access a notepad from UI, etc. In this world of smartphone, we have taken some features for granted like when you are on a call, the screen locks when it touches your face. Then you will not problems like opening various apps, hanging or muting the call by mistake. If these features were not available, imagine the problems you would have to face.

What is the use of com samsung android incallui?

Below mentioned are some of the features or uses of the InCallUI that we use in day-to-day life. This is just an overview as the features differ on the basis of different models.

  • Call recording
  • Putting the call on hold
  • Conference/group calls
  • Silent the call
  • Disabling the screen so that your face won’t open random apps while you’re on call with someone
  • Disconnecting the call
  • Use the home button to open other functions
  • Send messages while being on call with someone or when receiving a call-request
  • Using the inbuilt notes, you can save any number while on call.

How would you stop incallui?

There is no option of removing incallui from your device. But you can certainly stop the incallui. It can never be stopped fully it can only be stopped for running in the background. And will be activated once you get a call. The steps are as follows:

  • Navigate to Settings – > Apps
com samsung android incallui
  • Then go to Apps and find phone in all the applications.
  • After that look for com samsung android incallui.
  • Then tap the 3 dots and search for it and select “Show system apps”.
com samsung android incallui
  • Then go to the system apps.
com samsung android incallui
  • Then open each of these and then wipe the store in each one of them.

After the incallui is being off. Then there are the following things that will appear on your screen.

  • To disconnect the call.
  • And to record the call.
  • Then put the call on hold.
  • Mute the call.
  • Then you can open other functions by pressing the home button.
  • You can just add another person on call.

Fix com samsung android incallui not working

Sometimes it shows the error that com samsung android incallui not working. Or the caller ID is not working. So here are the steps to solve the problem:

  • Firstly navigate to the settings.
  • Then go to the setting and go to the apps.
  • In the apps search for “incallUI”.
  • And then tap on it for the options to display.
  • After that tap on clear cache.
  • And after doing all that if you are still facing problems just force restart your device.


We have discussed about the caller Id in great length and detail. We told you how it works. Why it is used and why to use and not to use. And if you are having problem using it . We have provided some solutions. Thank You for the read.

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