So everyone wants to organize there android browser home index. And here we are discussing all that and much more about the Content com android browser home index. And we will share about the fundamentals of the Content://

Internet is such an important thing in our day to day life. We have internet in all our devices. And the only thing that is different in all the devices we have is the browser. Browser is only the constant thing that we need for the internet. There are few different types of web browser in the internet.


And here we are again to talk about different browsers. How there are different browsers in the market. We will see how to set the default home page for a browser. With that, let us move to the topic.

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What is Content:// home index?

It is a link Content com android browser home index. This helps in setting the default home pages in the android devices. The Content:// will help you in configuring the homepage of your android device. If you install any other browser on your device. It will quickly access the link and then it will ask the permission to become your default browser.


This can be frustrating because we don’t want that browser as our default browser. We don’t want the same home page on the other browser too. So here we are to discuss how to change the default homepage in any browser.

How to change the Content:// index?

There are three different types of methods that we are going to discuss here:

Method 1:

  • First you need to open the google browser.
  • Then you have to go the menu button. That is on the top right of the screen that is easily accessible.
  • Then go to to the setting. Then search for the sub setting and then search for Android browser setting.
  • After that click on the Homepage button.
  • Then enter the URL that you want to set the default page too. Or you can also select the option of clearing the page.

Method 2:

  • Open the tab first you want to set the default internet browser too.
  • You will see 3 dots on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Then visit the settings and tap on the menu.
  • After that you will see in the menu you will have an option of setting the Homepage choice.
  • Then you can enter your preferred URL to set the internet browser of your choice.
  • Then its good to go.

Method 3:

  • Open your default internet browser then go to the page you want to use as your Content com android browser home index.
  • Then go the menu in the the settings. Then you can use the alternative on the Spare bookmarks on URL page. And when you are utilizing chrome just press the star button on the location bar.
  • Then again press the menu button and search for the potential bookmarks available for you.
  • You can do that by visiting the post again and again.
  • Just bookmark and keep it in your browser so that you can change it again and again.
  • Another menu that will incorporate an alternative called the set landing page will show up.

Now we have shown you 3 different methods of change your Content com android browser home index.

Top 5 Content:// index:

Google Chrome:

The first browser is obviously without a guess is Google Chrome that we all use. All the android devices comes with Google Chrome inbuilt. Its one of the best browsers available out there.


There consist 4 all out Google Chrome programs. In plummeting requests of solidness you have options like Google Chrome, Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary. You can pick any of these as per your requirements. Google chrome also has the recent Android highlights for different programs.


You will have 2 different types of programs for the Firefox. First you have is a normal standard Firefox browser. It is great fun browser with lots of fun expericner and features. That is cross stage synchronizing, and an unshakable persuing experience. Maybe Google Chrome only fierce competor in the market.


And the second option for the firefox alternative is the Firefox Pro. It has a huge protection program with a huge security and security highlights. You can use both the standard Firefox browser or the alternative Firefox Pro. Both are pretty good. Happy trying.

Opera Browser:

Just like Google Chrome and firefox. Opera browser has few different types of programs. The first one is the opera Standard browser. The feature it includes are as follows halfway advertisement square, a dashboard where you have different types of choices. You also have the choice to make a opera account and sync your information together for your work and future use.


The second option with the program that you get is the Opera Mini. It is lighter than the opera browser. It has all the recents news bar and facebook light notification bar. And then there is this third one Opera Touch. It is more efficient with its work space. Then there are some remarkable highlights. And you can get there own beta versions for all of them. But like every android applications they will have a high point and a low point that you just have to accept.

Microsoft Edge:

It is not that good as the other three it is an average portable internet browser. It has a more light working area variant, and sync highlight. The Microsoft edge generally works best with windows 10 and microsoft launcher. There are different features that include incorporate a Hub, QR code pursuer, a voice search and private search section.


Microsoft edge doesn’t have different program. And won’t locate superior program that works with different different program. Microsoft in the long run is not that viable.

Dolphin Browser:

Dolphin has achieved a lot in a little time that it has been in the market. Also you get different types of highlights. There are additional addons you will get the Dolphin Browser. That include Themes, Streaks Around, advertisement square, a secret mode and you can also have motion controls.


If you want you can get an paid free version advertisement free Dolphin version. It also has different versions of the programs and you can find more than enough to stay.

Here is How you can customize your web browser using “content://“:

You can use the following steps to customize your browser through the following process:

  • First you have to open your default web browser.
  • Then you have to o the menu from the top right corner 3 dots to be precise.
  • Now visit the settings. By scrolling down and clicking on settings.
  • Then search for Android Browser Settings option where you will find general option.
  • On the General settings page, click on “Set Homepage“.
  • Clicking on the Set Homepage prompts a window to enter an URL.
  • Input the URL address which you want to set as a default homepage.

Now you are done with your setting and now you can enjoy your customized page.

To set the browser as a default browser, follow the below steps:

You can follow the steps for making any browser your default browser. Before customizing your web browser you first have to set the default browser as your home browser. Just follow the steps:

  • Just open the android device and then go to settings app.
  • Then go to the App managment.
  • Then after visiting the app managment and looj for the Default app settings.
  • Then in the default app you can see the list of default apps on your smartphone.
  • Then you will see an default browser option and from there you can select the default browser.
  • Now just visit the default browser option and then you are ready to go.
  • And just like that you are able to set and change your default browser options without any problem.

How to remove Content://

We have already talked about the Content:// that it is the default homepage on your android device. As you get the default browsers that is a little unattractive and boring. So here are the steps to remove Content://

  • Open the internet browser that you are currently using on your device.
  • Then go to the menu of the browser.
  • After that tap on the general settings.
  • Now you can pick the homepage of your own choice.
  • You have to choose the default page and fill the URL with it. You also have the option of add different Search Engines.
  • Lastly, Click on the ‘Save’ button.


We have provided all the information about the Content:// And also three different methods on how to change your home page of default internet browser. Also we have given details on different types of internet browsers you can use.

Hope you find the content useful. Thank you for reading our blog.

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