Game pigeon on android is a game that is not only for android but also for the IOs. As you already know IOS users have their own messaging apps iMessage. IMessage have a feature where users can play games with each other, family and friends.  So this is not very great news for Android users. So it is the solution to that for our Android device.

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Introduction on Game pigeon on android:

We are here to provide you with a solution to find Game pigeon on android. Then you can also play games with your friends and family too. At first the game was only available for IOs users. But after eagerly waiting for this game to come on android. Here it is available for the android users also. The main disadvantage of this application is that is only available in iMessage application. I have also given the process to use iMessage in your Android device below. As there is no official way to get it on the android.

What is Game pigeon on android?

Game pigeon on android

You want to pass time in this Pandemic. And want to play games with your friends and family on the messaging app. Then this blog is the right place you have come. Game pigeon is the best application there is for this. In your IOS devices by Apple, this application is the best application. Those that imagine h your excitement increases while playing the games with your friends in a messaging application. It will be fun for all of the guys.

Steps to download Game pigeon on android:

1: download the game on your android device. From the following steps available:

  • Link: ClickHere
  • Get to the Java Development Kit 9.
  • Then you have to download the macOS file from there.

2: Now you have to go the development in the browser and then run the command. Then you can download the macOS file from there.

  • Allow all the settings to run for the macOS file to run.

3: Now you have to allow the terminal command to run. From the MacOS setting.

4: You can just run the command now.

5: Now you just have to run the command. After this a statement will ask you to enter email. You have to enter the email that you are currently using in your Mac OS.

6: After you have entered your email Id then you just have to enter password. Remember the password you have entered.

7: Now connect your android device to the Mac OS.

  • You have to open through your android device to open the application of downloaded message.

8: To login into the server you have to enter IP address of your MAC OS. Then enter the above mentioned email ID and password.

  • You will notice that the devices are connected to your screen.

9: You have to check now by putting a text from your IOS device which will be shown on your android. This procedure will not take more than 3 minutes.

  • Please ensure that the “Terminal” command is enabled throughout the procedure. So you can connect to the same connection.

How to download game Pigeon on IOs?

In simple words, Game Pigeon is the game extension file for the iMessage. You can also use Game Pigeon in your IOS, if you want to use the application in iOS by following the above procedure.

1: Now you have to open your browser on your device.

  • Go to the link: Click Here
  • Now you have to allow permissions for iMessage application in your device.
  • Application can only be used on  iPhone or iPad.

2: Now you can link your iMessage application with this application and enjoy playing games with your family and friends.

Alternatives Of Game Pigeon on Android:

8 Ball Pool:

Game pigeon on android

It is a game that can be enjoyed by both android and IOs users. Download the game by following these simple steps:

  • Just visit your browser and download the game from here  Click Here.
  • Now just allow the permissions. And connect it into your iMessage application.
  • After everything is done. Now it is ready for you play with your friends and family.

King Of Pool:

Game pigeon on android

This game has better experience in all formats than the Game pigeon. Here are some of the features. That might excite you in downloading the game:

  • There are friendly tables in the game.
  • You will get a great pool experience while playing the game.
  • The greater the risk in playing the game the better the rewards for you.

Similar Apps to Game Pigeon on Android:

Now we are providing you some of the best applications. Which can be the best alternatives Game Pigeon in Android. This is an app where you can share, play and send videos to friends and family. You can also play fun games with each other . Thank us later.

Telegram X:

This is an important messaging app. This app is developed by the company Telegram LLC. This can be downloaded on both IOs and android devices. You can send unlimited messages and can also share images, videos and audios. But the most important thing is that you can play games with your friends.

You can download from here: Click Here

Google Allo:

It is also a messaging apps that you can enjoy with your friends. It is developed as suggested by the name Google LLC. And it can also be installed on both the android and IOs devices. You have to just type in your phone number and you can get started instantly. Also in this application, you can exchange messages, voice notes, pictures as well as videos. Google also provides you with virtual assistant fun right. It can also used in sharing your location.

You can download from here:  Click here


LocalPhone provides you with variety of things. Like you can make international calls through your PC, landline or your mobile devices. This is an paid application. But you can make cheap phone calls which makes worth all your money. And the application can be downloaded by Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and any other devices.

You can just download it from here: Click Here


In this blog, we informed you about the Game pigeon on android and the alternatives of this game. Also, we told you how to use iMessage on Android. Hope this will be useful for you. Thank you for reading.

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