In our day to day life we all use Google for one thing or the other. So here we are to discuss 2 Google two cloud storage products (Google Cloud and Drive). Which people often confuse for the same thing. But the thing is they are not the same at all so here we are to discuss Google Cloud vs Google Drive. While they may have few similarities they are totally two different unique cloud storage options.

Google Cloud vs Google Drive

Understanding the difference between Google Cloud vs Google Drive can help you utilizing your options. And help you get the best options that is required by you. So today we are going to do a Google Cloud vs Google Drive and tell you how they are different in some ways.

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What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is what you may call the app dependent option. It has a strong connection to the Google apps platform (i.e Docs and Sheets). If you have a G Suite license then you have Drive as a basic store option for you and your employees.

Google Cloud vs Google Drive

Drive are very similar to the drive provided by the Amazon Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox. These services are free at the basic level but for the added features, functionality and enhanced functions. You need to upgrade your plan to G Suite.

  • It doesn’t support advanced data management features: There are no buckets that will preserve all your data. And there are no settings that can be found on object and bucket ACLs.
  • It is not a business solution: You get the flexibility that Google Cloud preserves Google Cloud as an enterprise but doesn’t do that with the Drive. This gives you a solid business application with the Drive data storage.
  • No tier-based data storage: It is cheap and low for long term storage options and hot and very fast for the very hot data but also very expensive. And while using Drive you will get options of standard Storage options with no extra flexibility.

What is Google Cloud?

Google cloud is the original storage option as compared to the Google drive on the Google Cloud Platform. Google cloud handles all the heavy and bigger data like server backups and hosting. Cloud offers better options like increased security using OAuth protocol. And also it gives you advance service tiers. You can also access the  data snapshots. You also get the Rest API and app integration.

Google Cloud vs Google Drive

Google Cloud platform provides you with the option of resume broken uploads if the connection is weak/non-existent, and much more. In more simple steps we can tell you that Google cloud is a server based cloud storage and cloud computing solution. Rather than a cloud-based file manager (Drive).

  • Google Cloud Storage Standard: This is the best thing for the users who want instant access to the High volume data. There are two price ranges that you will get $0.02-$0.036/GB it helps in increasing the speed and response to your inquiries.
  • Google Cloud Storage Nearline: It’s the base level core storage tier that means much slower response time. This is free for the users whose only aim is to store data.The price for the storage is $0.01-$0.02/ GB.
  • Google Cloud Storage Coldline: This is something new and it’s the latest cold tier storage. With its price of $0.004-$0.014/ GB, it’s dirt cheap. But not everything is free it comes with a price that it is more expensive to restore file. And you have to know you are using Codeline that means you will have to pay more for recovering data after 90 days.

Cloud vs Drive:

Basic Differences:

Google cloud is basically an online storage device for everything provided by Google by using its own infrastructure. It was released by Google for preview for storage in 2010. And then it went on to be released in 2011 and was called Cloud Storage(GCS)

Drive, on the other hand, is a popular, free cloud storage which is also developed for storage and synchronization. It offers SaaS for the general users to store there file. Google Cloud storage space is called Drive.

Here is a table for you to compare the basic difference:

Google Cloud StorageGoogle Drive
Google cloud storage is general purpose storage platform for developers.Google drive is a personal cloud storage service for normal users looking for storing data in the cloud.
The pricing of the Cloud storage is dependent on the 4 different stages. Where as Google Drive is free for first 15GB and then costs 1.99$ for 100GB or more.
It is only file storage service device by Google for storing data in the cloud by using its own infrastructure.It is a popular free cloud storage solution for file storage and synchronization developed by Google.
It supports versioning at which users can retrieve deleted data.It supporst sharing and collabrative editing. So that users can share and reach to the data from anywhere in the world.

Price Differences:

Google Cloud vs Google Drive


If you want to buy Drive beside G Suite license there are 4 options:

  • Free
  • $1.99/month
  • $9.99/month
  • $99.99/month

These different plans gives you different types of option of storage. The first option is free and there you 15GB of data (including email storage). And for $1.99/month you will have 100GB of data. For $9.99/month you will 1 TB of data and for the last option $99.99/month you will get everything for free basically and to make it numbers that is 10TB plus.

As a part of cloud platform if you have a G-suite of Drive you can have unlimited data. And you will have  5 or more Business licenses ($12 per license, per month). And believe us this is best value you will get in the market at this price for any cloud storage and file management company.

Google Cloud:

Google cloud doesn’t have any fixed pricing model. But you can extra added benefits and customised google cloud as well as pricing solution to ensure that you get the best deal for your Google Cloud implementation.

In most cases for businesses, the Google Drive platform with G Suite can easily accommodate their storage needs.

Storage Difference:

As an only cloud storage solution, Drive storage ranges from 15GB of space (free) to 10TB+ ($99.99/month).

You should consider Google Cloud Platform as your storage solution f you need a true cloud storage option for processing and storing big data securely.

The biggest advantage of Google Cloud is that you have an option to pay for what you need, when you need it. You can conveniently increase and decrease your plan and costs as required. When you want to use more space, your costs will adjust according to your usage.


We have cleared the confusion between Google Cloud vs Google Drive. In this blog we have talked about . What is Google Cloud and Drive. And some of the basic differences based on the price and storage. Hope you find what you are looking for here. As we put everything in the table for your easy quick lookup.

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