How to use a snapchat filter? Simple yet difficult task that we all want to do at some time or the other. Before the invention of these social media apps we thought filter would help us. Filtering something like water or something like making coffee. Now all we do is use filter in social media to look good or to make faces. Filters are a layer for our Instagram posts and stories and our snaps on Snapchat.

How to use a snapchat filter

Through these times since these social media have been around these filters have grown exponentially. And when you see an image you can easily know how these images have been altered. Although, in Snapchat’s case, it’s usually pretty obvious where the changes lie. Snapchat filters we first introduced in 2015 and first they known as “lenses”. And by the end of 2016 it was reintroduced and was known as filters. So here we are to teach you How to use a snapchat filter?

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How to use a snapchat filter?

Snapchat has been used for its core picture sharing features. Now it’s time to know how many types of filters are there. There are two types of filters which are accessed in the two different ways Geofilters and facial filters. So here we are going to tell you How to use a snapchat filter? And help you go throgh different types of filters and make you a filter lover. So here are some of the steps by which you can know How to use a snapchat filter?

You can download Snapchat from here: Just press here like the snapchat filter

How to use a snapchat filter
  • First thing you have to do is open snapchat and point the camera at your or anyones face.
  • Then you have to press and hold the face on your screen.
  • And you can scroll from left to right to choose your preferred filter.
  • Then follow the instructions of what the filter is telling you and get to work.

How to use a snapchat filter:

Facial filters:

The first thing we will start with Facial filters because we all are looking for the face filter. Face Filters can only be accessed assuming that you have. A face near by to be recognized by the face filter. By default when you open a snapchat camera it will open the back facing camera. So if you want to take a selfie just double tap on the screen. The camera will flip towards your beautiful face. And the other thing you can do is just click. The camera icon on the top right of your screen .

How to use a snapchat filter

Once these actions are performed the camera will be facing in the direction of your choice. So if you want these facial filters just press the camera option and point the camera on your friends face. Then snapchat will tell you he is trying to recognize the face. And the face your pointing to should be in range and in plain sight so that the snapchat. Will easily recognize the face.

Snapchat Geofilters:

And as we discussed the other type of filter is Geofilters. Now we bring you the best news there is you can use both Facial filters and Geofilters together. Facial filters are used for face filters whereas the Geofilters. They add some graphic adds on based on the users location. Geofilters have the options of been included in the picture after the picture has been taken already.

There are also other ways to add Geofilters. The other way of adding Geofilters is just taking a picture. And then adding the filters by swiping to the right to add the filters you want. There are filters which doesn’t have anything to do with your location. For example a snapchat filter asks the question about the e-scooters, wanting to know what Snapchat users think of them. This filter is probably only applied to users in certain areas, but doesn’t necessarily relate to that location specifically. There is one filter that shows where you are in this world. As shown in the image below.

While Geofilters are always based on the location. But they don’t always tell the truth of where you are. The Geofilters have these stickers that will help you get the altitudes or temperature. Which are also based off of your geography.

Why do people use filters?

All these filters serve the different purposes to different people. The filters that we are discussing are different from the filters that we use on instagram.

Some people use these filters to create a look of consistency on their brand. This provides an aesthetic look to their profile when one gives same tint or effect to their images. Others just use it as way of fun. Most of the Snapchat users use filters to send funny pictures and videos to their friends for enjoyment. Also sometimes these Snapchat filters work as confidence booster. For instance, the digitally elongated eyelashes can make you feel good. Everyone is beautiful as they are but sometimes you need something to get through a tough day.


So here we are making you a fan of snapchat filters. By talking about How to use a snapchat filter. And how there are different types of filter that you can use depending on the situation of geography or be with friends. So hope you find this helpful as the snapchat filter you are using. Thank You for the read.

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