After plenty of ups and down in 2020, finally, we are all set to welcome 2021. It is a decade where tons of people entered into social media sites. Among them, Instagram has a greater impact. I know you love browsing Instagram sometimes or all the time. Whatever it can be, do you want to download your favorite Instagram reels or IG Tv videos? If yes, be with me for the next 10 minutes and I will show you the best Instagram video downloader online for free!

Without messing up, let’s roll into the best Instagram video downloader sites in 2021 for free and I said FREE.

Things you should know

Before I enlist the websites, let’s take a quick look at how to copy the link of your post/videos on Instagram.

You can do it with 3 steps –

  • Open the post/video on Instagram.
  • Click on the Three dots which will be on the right corner for the posts/videos. In the case of Reels, you can find the dots in the bottom left.
  • After clicking on dots, click on the “Cope the Link” option and that’s it. You have copied the required link successfully.
Copy link

Open post -> Click on Three dots -> Copy the link

That’s it. With the above steps, you can copy that link of your posts/videos/reels on Instagram. Now let’s roll into our gathered list for Instagram video downloaders online for free. Below is our No.1.



Here is our first site to download Instagram videos. The is a very simple website that promises you easy navigation to download your hot favorite Instagram videos and posts.

All you need to do is to copy the post link and paste it into the search bar and click on the Download button. This will fetch the post and allows you to download the file into your device. Note that the videos will be in the mp4 format.



video downloader

The second website on our list is Like the first one, the site looks simple and you can easily download the Instagram posts or videos by pasting the link in the given bar. This site will allow you to download the required post or videos in the mp4 format.

This site will also allow you to download the posts or videos posted in the private accounts as well. For this, you can click on the “private video” button which is in the top right corner.




The is our third website which allows you to copy the post or video link and get them downloaded in HD quality. The key advantage of this site is that you can download the videos in High Definition. It has all the functionalities that an Instagram video downloader should have.

Pretty cool right? As usual, the process is the same for this. Copy the post link from Instagram and paste it here and click on the Download button to get an HD video or post.



Instagram video downloader

Our fourth website is This website allows you to download your favourite posts or videos. The best part of this site is, this will make you anonymous while downloading.

You can download things without revealing your identity as well. Here you can download the Instagram posts, videos, profiles, stories, and IGTV videos as well.



Instagram video downloader

Our final assault is It is fast, safe and free website or software to download the Instagram posts, stories, videos, IGTV reels and more. Using this site you can generate hashtags for your posts and analyse anyone’s profile and many more. You can call it as one of the best Instagram video downloader.

Just copy the link to the board and download to your device. As simple as that!


Wrapping Up

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platform in the recent times. Millions of people use Instagram daily. There will be tons of posts and videos posted daily and you found some of them really cool. So, to download all those in your favourite list in Instagram, you are provided with above best 5 Instagram video downloader websites. No more wait! Go for it!.

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