Who all hasn’t heard or used Snapchat ever? I suppose more than half of the internet users would have one or the other time used Snapchat or would have atleast heard about the platform. Snapchat is basically a digital media messenger app that helps you click pictures and send an instance known as “snap” within a moment. One of the most widely used social media apps, it helps to apply different filters in the photos or videos directly in the app also. You can also directly send the media through just a button click. One will basically need as in most other social media platforms a cell number, an email id, an username and a password. Thus, usernames for Snapchat is an innovative thing.

Snapchat — one of the most widely used social media app


The most significant ambiguity comes in the form of the username choice also. It is so because, there are endless number of people using Snapchat. Also, these ”n’ number of people who are holding an account, make it a matter of vague that you might not have a unique username. In this post, thus, I would be discussing and suggesting you some latest usernames for Snapchat ideas this year and the coming year.

Thus, each and every person out there want to have or needs to have a unique username. So, that you look attractive out there and also feel the uniqueness around. One’s username also, says a lot about the personality of that person. But, a unique username doesn’t generally have to be a fancy one, but it should be easier to remember and somewhat likened to your personality.

I will now give you some tricks and tips to get unique usernames and also suggest some username ideas myself for you to use and have the attractiveness and fanciness around you.


Username Tips

Some points should be kept in mind before choosing or creating a Snapchat username like :

  • One should use phrases like “I am ” or “You are with.” or “This is”.
  • One should generally put on a title as ” Mrs, Miss , or Mr.


One should first recall the purpose of his/her using Snapchat in the first place. That is, is it for business or just to connect with family and friends or is to provide consultation? Thus, one should consider the contents one would be having on the platform.

If your account is for personal use then you should make it such that it’s easier to find. And, if your account is set up with a business purpose, then the business name should be included in the username. Thus, this makes it easier to find and locate.

Thus, one should keep the username as something worth remembering. Also, don’t use too many numbers or strings of letters, as it may create confusion and make it difficult to remember.



The names mentioned here are indeed really cool. These funky names are also very interesting to use.

  1. easteneats
  2. mariomakeupy
  3. baybels777
  4. werarefives
  5. soursnap
  6. Lanever
  7. therarecisco
  8. sortsfoodie
  9. misfoodieprob
  10. crispysnap
  11. clawbobster
  12. warparker
  13. grubhubs-undoubtedly
  14. thetimesnyt
  15. monnasa
  16. dotbustlecom
  17. hubspots
  18. sayshop
  19. wtfrankine
  20. adventurouslyshubham
  21. theblondewonders
  22. stumblings
  23. flicksyflack
  24. ddlovato
  25. TheRockstary
  26. fifthyharmony
  27. filipdotnovak
  28. mugster
  29. rickthesizer
  30. itisacidraper
  31. moonlitbabe
  32. TotallNate
  33. gangstacoder
  34. NickPallaufy
  35. ZanaHeath2
  36. Benphillips
  37. MarloKeenins
  38. americanoper
  39. GoalsBeautySoccers
  40. LevittGordan
  41. HiltonParis
  42. TiffinySeashko
  43. WillyFerrell
  44. iFerrajArber
  45. Black_Daz
  46. CynthiaJi
  47. armonster
  48. DanielaSkye
  49. KamerooonHunterer
  50. Maleeka
  51. freddics
  52. BrandonsCavillo
  53. urbanalicious
  54. boredSim
  55. Jaredtradling
  56. carlyquilino
  57. GaryRoja
  58. domanic
  59. BlakeFuncan
  60. MistakeManagers
  61. AdminisFoolish
  62. shortgangster
  63. MicrowavyGerbil
  64. SheWalksMoonlight
  65. WellEndowingPenguin
  66. ianstormtayloring
  67. LelePonsy
  68. Smackers
  69. sferika
  70. davechseney
  71. KingsDaddy
  72. StephanieClavin
  73. iShawnMendis
  74. FunnyPeWhite
  75. WhitePeFunny
  76. YatoTum
  77. YatoHum
  78. MaiNi
  79. TumVNai
  80. UtoBusy
  81. ClassyPus
  82. UPussy
  83. MayankiShan
  84. Yarineymar
  85. Yariyaan


Here is a list of the most funkiest usernames for you, indeed. Thus, no matter what, these funky usernames are going to click for you as always.

  1. LivesRacer
  2. AfraHead
  3. Gozysmit
  4. Buckshots
  5. HazzlewoodDazzle
  6. Major – Nonsense
  7. BelovedlyMyAngel
  8. Khaliti
  9. springmeyers
  10. BugattiViron
  11. JoshiesPeck
  12. LittlesMix
  13. Baxtery
  14. vhfrat
  15. KMACinky
  16. EstebanSmith
  17. CamaBenson
  18. JayColey
  19. QParky
  20. CarlyRaesJepsen
  21. probablecoreys
  22. Adjustintadlock
  23. HayGrier
  24. DRoses
  25. TreyKennedies
  26. taylorotieswell
  27. Twitterat
  28. shiffmansy
  29. JacobicWhitesides
  30. photonstrtorm


Hereby, given awesome usernames are very interesting and also very unique. One should thus, apply these innovate name ideas.

  1. arnoldschnitzel
  2. kymnonstop
  3. yesjulz
  4. miologie
  5. turbanchino
  6. swankjesse
  7. migurski
  8. NORA
  9. jonathanong
  10. JerryPurpdrank
  11. MeekMill
  12. Turnip King
  14. ReneeLyon
  15. David Lopez
  16. Brittany Furlan
  17. GioVolpe
  18. remy
  19. seansauce
  21. creationix
  22. FilthyDrops
  23. qiangxue
  24. SelfieC
  25. 1DThisIsUs
  26. UberFacts
  27. kytrinyx
  28. lilduval
  29. leafo
  30. SamSaffron
  31. Arthur
  32. Robby Ayala
  33. Emily Osment
  34. hueniverse
  35. Easy Money
  37. mitchellh
  38. michaelk
  39. cjohansen
  40. Kobe Bryant
  41. 5SecondsOfSummer
  42. FooBar Widget
  43. BrennenTaylor
  44. Jack Johnson
  45. Crawford Collins

What if you don’t like the suggested names?

No worries, thus, there are some tips to remember in mind. Also, cool snapchat usernames so that there isn’t any regret later on:

Step 1: The purpose of a username for snapchat?

The most important thing that you need to realize is. What is the necessity for the name and what is the purpose that it will fulfill hence? Thus, the type of audience matters. Thus, the type of audience you have or plan to have will go a long way in deciding the username. Hence, you should be aware of your audience.

Step 2: The various combinations !!

The importance of a snapchat name is thus, quite easily understood. Also, the name needs to be very unique and cool and funky. And also, the formula to be adopted is to Keep it Very Simple.

Thus, a nice tip would be not using many numbers or jumbo words. Only something simple and easy to remember is enough, also.

Step 3: What works for you?

If you are trying to promote a skill or make it something related to it also. Then, keep your username accordingly. Otherwise, if your account is for personal use then you should make it such that it’s easier to find.

The crux is that it should be something that works out for you and at the same time fulfils your agenda.


I think that the thrill of also being able to instantly share anything. Things like what is going on in the moment is indeed great. One can also be goofy and send funny pics back and forth with your relatives and friends calling for good times. You can also video chat with anyone at any time you would like, no matter how far away they are. Thus, see the bright side to the sensation called Snapchat. Hence, stop pondering and delaying your date with the app and go join this soiree now. 


These were some of the most unique names hence. Also, the latest ones one could think of. Also, the tips and tricks mentioned in this post is very easy to adapt. Thus, these, when adopted it is quite likely 9/10 times fetch you the best results.

Hoping and anticipating also that this post was quite helpful to you. Keep in touch to stay updated and for further updates and other cool ideas. Do Stay Tuned !! Till then Sayo-nara…..!!

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