The IoT or the Internet of Things represents the billions of devices connected over the internet globally. With the advancement in a wireless network, internet, and more, now you can convert anything into a part of IoT. The IoT devices will connect over the internet and they can collect, store, and share data as well. The history of IoT has many stories in it and we are going to explore them. 

history of IoT

A simple example:

Many of you will be heard of or using smart light bulbs. IoT can transform physical or mechanical objects into IoT devices by connecting them over the internet. 

You can easily turn on or off the smart light bulb using your smartphone, as simple as that. There are tons to mention like motion sensor-based lights, doors, and much more. An IoT device can be as small as your kid’s toy to no-man drones. 

history of IoT

History of IoT (Internet of Things)

The word IoT is can be expanded as the Internet of Things. This term has a 16-year-old history. The idea of connecting devices is explored in the early ’70s with the name of “Embedded Internet”. But this revolutionary term is first coined by Kevin Ashton in the year 1999 during his service at the popular tech company “Proctor $ Gamble”. In this article, you will get a brief history of IoT. Let’s roll.

The interesting story begins with Kevin, who was working in the area of supply chain optimization, to attract his senior management to the new technology named “RFID”. As we know, in those timeframes i.e. 1999, the Internet is a new sensation and with all these advantages, he makes his presentation as “Internet of Things(IoT)”. But, it’s sad that IoT didn’t get enough attention for a decade.

Internet of Things – the “Take off”

Having not so good past, the term IoT set to gain popularity and attention in the late summer of 2010. All these buzzes started with news which states that leaked information from Google’s Streetview service is not only able to get 360-degree images but also it will store the wireless networks around the places.


A lot of people started debating on this information that it can be Google’s new strategy to index the internet along with the physical world. Later in the year, the Chinese communist government announced IoT as their priority in their five-year plan. In the year 2011, Gartner, a popular market research firm that holds the pride of proposing a “hype-cycle for emerging technologies”, has listed IoT as an emerging phenomenon in their list.

In the very next year i.e. in 2012, The UK’s biggest internet conference set their theme as “Internet of Things(IoT)”. Along with this, the world’s popular sites and magazines like Forbes, Fast, and Wired started using the word “IoT” to describe the devices which connect over the internet.

internet of things

In the year 2013, the IDC (International Data Corporation) publishes a report stating that IoT will the ~10 trillion market by 2020. And over the years, we are witnessing plenty of IoT-based start-ups, and note that once people didn’t even pay attention to this, but now it is a trillion-dollar market. That’s IoT for you!!!

Wrapping Up

IoT now becomes our daily life partner. Now, we are connecting everything to the internet and making them ‘Smart’. Yes, we are involving more in it in recent years and it’s also important to know the history of IoT.

This article will take you through the term “IoT” and its evolution as well. It will expose you to all the breakthrough years of the IoT journey. I hope you got to know many things about one of the hottest domain in 2021, IoT.

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