As you know, everyone looks for Notepad++ when it comes to a text editor. Unfortunately, Mac users find this unfair as no such app is available for them as discussed in the earlier post. Notepad ++ is the top priority of Windows users due to its features like customizable interface, normal search option, macro recording, syntax highlighting and many more. Thus, we will be talking about the best text editors for Mac.

In addition, here we have tried to incorporate some of the best alternatives to Notepad ++ for Mac. With these Mac Notepad ++ options, you can also enjoy the features of Notepad ++ on Mac. Let’s move on to our list of the top ten alternatives to Notepad ++ for Mac.

Best Text Editors for Mac

1. Visual Studio code

This text editor comes from the well-known name of Microsoft. It is hence. available for devices based on Mac and Linux operating systems. Also, it offers the syntax highlighting feature in multiple languages, which counts up to 30. Visual Studio Code includes other features like Git control, layout options, multiple cursors, API descriptions , etc. It focuses on modern languages.

Best text editors for Mac ---Visual Studio Code
Best text editors for Mac —Visual Studio Code

Price: Free

2. Atom — The best free text editor for Mac

Atom is an online program created by GitHub. You can shape its programs however you like. Due to its hacking ability, Atom turns out to be unique than any other text editor available on the internet.

Best text editors for Mac ---Atom

You don’t have to learn any complex to change how Atom works. Also, it can be edited using HTML and JavaScript. On top of that, you get packages like a color screen, new highlighters, and Git conflict handling.

Price: Free

3. Sublime Text

It is a simple but popular text editor for Mac computers. It works similarly to Notepad ++. And it comes with amazing features like syntax highlighting, customizable interface, and changing code functionality. The “Goto Anything” search option is the most useful feature of this text editor. It helps you locate certain words, symbols, lines or files.

Sublime Text comes with smooth mode, which helps you focus on editing excluding internet installation. You can use this program on multiple Mac computers.

Price: $ 70

4. Supports

Square brackets are another great option for editing text. It is developed by Adobe and available for free. What makes this program great is its unique “Extract” feature. This function allows you to extract different gradients, colors, measurements and fonts from a PSD file. Later converts this file to a CSS file.

Supports add new functionality within a month. Its recently added features include an instant search button and CSS hints. This app comes with lots of extensions like code folding, JSHint support and various attractive themes.

Price: Free

5. MacVim

MacVim is one of the regular text editors. This is the Vi clone of the UNIX editor. It shares various features with Vi. Along with this, it incorporates other useful features. It can play a better alternative to IDE if you don’t want to use such advanced features of IDE.

Best text editors for Mac

MacVim includes advanced features like syntax highlighting, customization, and better error detection functionality. It offers different versions for different operating systems such as Mac, PC, UNIX and DOS. This is also there for devices supporting Android and iOS.

Price: Free

Some More Best Text Editors for Mac

 6. Jedit

Jedit is a professional tool when it comes to a text editor. Also, this tool combines all the advanced features of a text editor that can be found on Mac, Windows and Linux. Jedit thus, provides many keyboard shortcuts to perform all functions with ease. Along with this, it also offers a large clipboard space to better utilize the copy and paste function. With Jedit, you can split Windows for efficient editing. Its rectangular selection tool lets you select text as quickly as possible.

Jedit makes the editing task much easier. You can even customize this program as you like. This program is used by developers around the world to develop its extensions. Jedit provides a great platform to communicate with people who share the same type of interests.

Price: Free

7. Komodo Edit

Komodo is known for its IDE (Integrated Development Environment) popular among developers. Not everyone needs this whole program. Komodo Edit is a great option for people who don’t want to use the advanced features of the IDE.

Komodo Edit is united with It offers an alternative that one can use for the well-known Pastebin websites.

Price: Free

8. UltraEdit

UltraEdit is one of the expensive text editors out there. As, this program offers advanced features like column/block editing, cross file search, syntax highlighting, multiple selection, scripting, etc. You can edit more than one file at a time with UltraEdit. It’s a perfect option for coders looking for the best editing tool to work with.

Best text editors for Mac

UltraEdit can be purchased through bundles. Also, this package helps users compare files and folders and organize the development team. One of the great lots to buy is UltraEdit and UltraCompare. This set will cost you around $ 100. On the other hand, you can even buy all of their services for $ 100 per year.

Price: $ 80

9. TextMate

TextMate is a great text editor that works great with Mac devices. This text editor combines the features of Emacs and Mac OS X. It is a better alternative for a full IDE program. TextMate offers features such as syntax debugging, syntax highlighting, Regex and Grep support, running in text commands, adding visual bookmarks, and much more.

Best Text Editors for Mac

TextMate can be used to create Xcode projects while working with Xcode. Also, this text editor is specially designed to work on multiple and large text projects. It also tries to help users by automating most of the physical work as quietly as possible. TextMate makes the coding process much more efficient and effective for Mac users.

Price: $ 58

10. TextWrangler

This is a smaller edition of the BBEdit IDE. Also, TextWrangler comes with all the advanced features of the BBEdit IDE that one needs to develop code. Though, some of the main features of TextWrangler include syntax highlighting, the Shebang menu, automatic language prediction, and creating language packs.

Best Text Editors for Mac -- TextWrangler
Best Text Editors for Mac — TextWrangler

Price: free

SUMMING UP — Best Text Editors for Mac

So, how was it for you as a followup to the earlier post on Notepad++ for Mac. Also, you can go for the best text editor for yourself from this awesome list of text editors after going through this post. Most of the text editors listed here are available for free. On the other hand, you can opt for paid text editors to take advantage of more advanced features.

And what would happen if Notepad ++ does not work on Mac, you can anytime use the above mentioned text editors for Mac. Also, with the help of these text editors, you should not miss the features of Notepad ++ anymore. These programs provide the same functionality as Notepad ++ to Mac users. So, try one of those editors which are fully compatible with Mac devices. Do also write your experience in the comment box. Also tell me how did you like the post?

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