The content in this article covers vital information about Twitch and how to give bits Twitch . If you are new to Twitch and are wondering about its purposes and features, this article will be very helpful. So read on carefully!

An Introduction to Twitch

To find out how to donate bits on Twitch, read more about Twitch. Twitch is a very popular unique platform that is often used by gamers to share their expertise with the public. In addition to that, this platform includes other individuals and professionals like bloggers and broadcasters. In this platform, you can find a plethora of video shows ranging from live game streams to music. The community linked to Twitch is actually growing at a rapid pace. Such a community has become a valuable source of information for game enthusiasts and other individuals. This platform allows users to share their ideas and experiences as contributors or viewers. Twitch also allows users to communicate with each other.

More to Twitch Bits

It is common knowledge that, Twitch enables users to communicate with one another. This platform includes streamers (broadcasters) and viewers. Viewers who joined this platform have their favorite streamers / broadcasters on specific topics. If you are a TV viewer and have a favorite broadcaster (or broadcasters), you might like to enjoy them. To shower love and appreciation, you don’t have to do anything but use the power of Twitch Bits. Twitch Bits are the little emoticons used to encourage broadcasters. The more Twitch Bits you offer, the happier broadcasters will be.


Well, do these bits have any value? Yes they are! In fact, these bits are considered a currency. Bits can be purchased online by any user and use them to appreciate broadcasters by donating. Besides buying online, you can also collect these Bits just by watching ads. By doing so, as a viewer, you can encourage your favorite broadcasters to stream more content of your genre. Broadcasters, on the other hand, can collect these bits and convert them into real money. Apart from broadcasters, even the viewers themselves can benefit from these bits. Viewers can earn different types of badges based on the number of bits they donated. Other viewers and broadcasters may see the badges that a certain viewer won by donating Bits. This is an indication of the generosity of the respective user.

Thanks to the continuous support of the streamers, they will download more videos with better quality.  Twitch Bits is a currency offering very broad range of cool and funky graphical emotion icons (emoticons). Even upcoming broadcasters will be encouraged to upload quality video when they see the support from viewers. As of today, Twitch bits can only be received by Twitch Partners and Twitch Affiliates. 

The real monetary value of Twitch

The availability of Twitch Bits is in different packages for different handlers. These packages range from $ 1.10 to $ 10 (for 100 bits and 1000 bits respectively). These bits are a pretty handy way for viewers to show their appreciation and support to their viewers. Donate to broadcasters with just the click of a button. Twitch also offers various discounts for those who buy bits. Their discounts increase if you buy larger amounts of bits.

Let’s take a look at the Twitch Bit price list;

  • $ 1.4 for 100 bits
  • and $ 7 for 500 bits
  • $ 10 for 1000 bits
  • and $ 19.95 for 1500 bits
  • $ 64.4 for 5000 bits
  • also $ 126 for 10,000 bits
  • $ 308 for 25,000 bits

How do I buy Twitch Bits?

Before learning how to donate Bits, it makes more sense to know how to buy them. In fact, there is no complicated process involved in purchasing Twitch Bits. Their payment methods include Amazon Payments as well as PayPal, so there is nothing to worry about. Twitch bits are available in increments of 100 to 25,000.

After clicking on the Twitch bits you intend to buy, you will see a window titled “Buy Bits”. You can then pay with Amazon or PayPal. Then you need to click Continue to complete the purchase process.

It is true that purchasing Twitch Bits is the easiest method for you to purchase Twitch Bits. However, there are other ways to get more bits (more importantly, at no cost). You can do it on your mobile or on your computer.

Get free Twitch bits on desktop and iPhone

Are you a streamer? A spectator? It doesn’t matter who you are; there are also ways to get free Twitch bits. In this segment of our article, we explain two ways to get free Twitch Bits. Both of these methods work great on mobile devices and computers.

Method 1: How to Get Free Twitch Bits by Watching Ads

To earn Twitch Bits just by watching ads, you need to do the following.

1. Enter the name of a channel that you usually follow. Let the stream be fully loaded. If the respective streamer accepts Twitch Bits, you will be able to see that there is an encouragement bit icon. This icon appears as a diamond, and you can see it at the bottom

2. If you do not see such an icon, however, it means that the channel does not accept Twitch bits.

3. Click Bits (which is an icon) in the next window that appears.

4. Also click on the Get Bits option. On, you will see the “Watch Ad” button.
If you’ve already watched a few ads for today, this button will appear in gray.

5. Wait for the ad to finish playing. At the end of the ad you will get a certain number of bits. Usually these bits are provided in packets of 5, 10, 50, and 100. Most advertisements offer 5 or 10 bits

Bits Twitch
Way to Give TwitchBits

Method 2: How To Get Free Twitch Bits Through Surveys

Besides watching ads, there is another way to collect free Twitch Bits by using polls on TwitchRPG. TwitchRPG stands for Twitch Research Power Group. In fact, it can be considered the official tool used by viewers and streamers. Thanks to this, many users communicate and offer their suggestions for improving the Twitch platform.

However, to get bits through surveys, users must be able to complete surveys before others. It’s more like a competition, then. If you can answer a survey that matches their needs, you might even be able to get 500 bits. Those who are fast can use these polls and earn a lot of bits.

To start the process, you need to sign up for a TwitchRPG. Make sure you are using a verified email. Whenever a sponsored survey becomes available, you will receive a notification via this email. Once you have received such notification, you just need to respond to the survey as soon as possible. Thus, you will be able to gain a considerable number of bits.

How to gift bits on Twitch?

As we mentioned earlier in this article, Twitch Bits are a way to enjoy broadcasters. Now that you know how to collect and buy Twitch Bits, it’s time to learn how to give them away. What you need to know is that Twitch Bits donations work in a somewhat different way. In fact, Twitch Bits works like real money which is transferred to the streamer. It works like a tip sent through PayPal. Twitch does not take any cuts from the amount you transfer. Instead, the streamer gets the full amount (Bits). This will appear as a message in the feed.

Bits Twitch
How to gift Twitch Bits?

In fact, Tipping works as many streamers’ preferred method of making money. This is especially because this process allows streamers to get all the money without any commission. On top of that, they are a way to force streamers to stay in the game. Tips use PayPal; it is possible to use chargeback. If the payment is made through PayPal and the payee wants to collect it, a chargeback may occur. In fact, this is seen as a notable downside associated with Tips in Twitch.

When it comes to donating, this isn’t the fastest way to encourage a streamer on Twitch. Donations are relatively less responsive than other methods. In fact, the donations are used to reward a respective streamer who offers various useful content.

Twitch — Cheer

To send Cheer, simply type the word “Cheer” in the chat box. Also, the term “Cheer” should follow the number of bits you intend to donate. For example, you should type “Cheer300”. In addition to this, you can also select Bit Gem icons. Also, you can consider emojis and cheermotes. These options are clearly available in the menu. There are a lot of cheermotes to use. To unlock these cheermotes you will need to increase the number of bits. In other words, the more bits you use, the more you can unlock and use the cheermotes. The number of bits you donate will automatically cut from the donor’s account and will display.

Bits Twitch

When you donate Bits, you will get Emotes, and they are the reward you get. They also come in different shapes and sizes. When you clap more, you get better emotes.


With the help of this post, I hope to have made you aware of the tips and tricks of using Twitch Bits. In this post, I have discussed What TwitchBits Are? How to give and gift Twitch Bits? What is the real monetary value of Twitch Bits? And other relatable topics of discussion.

If you have any further queries or if you face any problem. Send me queries and troubles in the comment section and I will readily help you out.

Do enjoy playing and giving twitch bits. Until then bid me adieu. !!

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