Did you accidentally delete your best-friend’s messages on instagram? Here we are to solve your problem and help you recover these messages. This blog will show you five possible methods on ‘How to recover deleted instagram messages?’

In past few years, Instagram has become one of the most used social networking platforms for the new generation. These million users send millions of messages, photos, stories to each other on a daily basis. Sometime you can lose these precious chats by mistake. It can happen if you delete it accidentally or any children may delete it while using your phone.

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5 methods on ‘How to recover deleted instagram messages?’

These methods can be used both on Android as well as iPhone. You can even use these methods on your laptop or PC. The methods are mentioned below. The following methods are simple and easy to apply.


When messages are deleted from instagram then it gets cleared from your device. However, this data is still available as it gets stored on Instagram’s servers. You can directly download all the shared data to your phone’s storage as Instagram offers this feature. It will include all kinds of data like messages, photos, videos.

The steps to recover deleted messages from Instagram data is as follows:

STEP 1: Visit Instagram’s web page from your browser. You need to visit their website for this process so don’t use the Instagram app here.

STEP 2: At the top right corner of your screen, click on the ‘Profile’ icon. Next, click on the ‘Settings’ icon.

How to recover deleted instagram messages

STEP 3: Now from the pop-up window select ‘Privacy and Security’. After this, you need to scroll down a bit to locate ‘Data download.’

How to recover deleted instagram messages

STEP 4: As you see on the above image, you have to click on ‘Request download.’ Then you will be asked to verify your identity. So you just have to login again by entering your credentials.

How to recover deleted instagram messages

STEP 5: After entering your email address, you will receive a link to a file with your profile information, photos and comments and other data of instagram. Now, click on ‘Next‘.

STEP 6: You have to enter password now and then click on ‘Request download.’ After this, Instagram will send you an email containing the data requested.

STEP 7: Now you have to open your mailbox. You will find mail with a subject ‘Your Instagram Data.’ On opening this mail, you will see a ‘Download data’ button so click on it. This data will be downloaded in your storage as a ZIP file.

STEP 8: Unzip the downloaded file.

STEP 9: After unzipping, you need to go through the data and find ‘messages.json.’ Run this file with a text editor.

Now you will be able to see all the messages you have sent or received on Instagram. You can recover any message you want from here.

Note: Instagram may take some time to send you mail containing the data. So, you should wait patiently for about 48 hours after requesting the data.


Instagram’s operations were connected to Facebook when Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. So, you can take help from Facebook when you accidentally delete or lose some important messages. The steps for using this method is as follows:

Note: To use this method, you need to ensure that your Facebook account is connected to your Instagram account.

1: Visit your Facebook webpage through your browser. You need to use the website. Don’t use the Facebook app or Facebook lite app here.

2: Login the account which is linked with your Instagram account.

3: Now go see the inbox of your Facebook account.

4: Click on the Instagram Direct icon which is available when you will move cursor to the left pane.

5: You can see after going through these that all your instagram DMs are available here.


Many third-party tools are available which will help you recover lost messages of Instagram. These tools use cache files on your Android or iPhone device to recover the deleted messages easily. There is no difficulty in using these apps as you just have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen while using these apps. Some of the best tools are as follows:


How to recover deleted instagram messages

Fonelab is one of the best android data recovery software. You can use this tool to recover your deleted messages on Instagram. It is available both on Windows and Mac. You can use this app to recover data from other apps also. You can recover all kinds of data such as photos, videos, audio files, contacts, messages, messages attachments, call history, WhatsApp, documents from your device.


How to recover deleted instagram messages

This is one of the most popular iPhone data recovery software. This app is also available on both Windows and Mac computers. It can be used to recover all the data from your iPhone or iPad. You can use this app to recover your deleted Instagram messages, photos, videos, contacts, text messages, notes, WhatsApp and more from iOS devices.


A lot of Instagram message recovery tools available online that pretend to recover your deleted messages. These sites are made in such that they appear genuine to users. But on the contrary, these sites are totally fake and can easily hack your accounts. Your data can be leaked to hackers after the sites ask for your username and password.

How to recover deleted instagram messages

From the above image, you can take an idea of how these sites look. These sites also make money if you fill in the surveys or asked by it.

How to recover deleted instagram messages

This is just a caution to stop you from falling for such scams. Instagram is one of the biggest companies in the world so no random site can recover your lost data from Instagram.


This is the easiest and most used method by people. You can just ask for your lost messages from the person who sent you the dat. You may need to explain your genuine reason as to how you lost your data. And then either you can get screenshot of any important conversation or you can ask the person to send those messages again.


These are the easiest methods to recover you precious lost data from Instagram. We hope that the blog was useful to you.

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