It is not uncommon for iPhone users to see that they have iPhone without service (their iPhone says no service). In fact, you will astonish yourself at how often this problem occurs. As a result of this, you can continue to play your iPhone games and access the internet (if you connect to a Wi-Fi connection). But unfortunately, you can’t text or call anyone – that’s one of the main reasons people have an iPhone.

Today we are going to show you some of the best tips to fix iPhone. Here, when there is “no service” (iPhone without service) we will tell you ways you can use your iPhone again.

Fix # 1 – Hard restart iPhone

No matter what issue you are having with your iPhone, it should always be the first thing you try. For most of the basic issues that you have with your iPhone, you will find that this is the fix.

iPhone 6S and more. To reset an iPhone 6S or older generation, hold down the Lock and Home buttons for about 10 seconds. This is to be done until the Apple logo screen appears. When this screen appears, release the buttons.

iPhone 7 and newer. To reset an iPhone 7 or newer generation, press and hold the Lock and Volume down buttons for 10 seconds. When you see the Apple logo screen appear, release the buttons.

Chances are, this won’t fix any service issues on your iPhone. But if it doesn’t, try some of the other fixes below.

Fix # 2 – Reload your iPhone carrier settings

Sometimes your network operator will update their network and therefore you will need to update your operator’s settings.

To update your carrier settings and hopefully fix the iPhone has no service issues. For this, just start by launching the “ Settings ” app, tapping on “General ”, and tapping on the “ About Us ” option.

update carrier settings to fix iphone says no service
In this menu, wait a few seconds, and if you see an update notification, it means that an update is available. On the other hand, if you do not see a notification popping up, no update is requiring, and your iPhone’s source isn’t saying no service.

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Fix # 3 – Remove and insert the SIM card

It’s a classic way to solve mobile phone issues, and it doesn’t just apply to iPhones. Even though this is an obscure way to fix iPhone without service, believe it or not, it can actually fix the problem. Indeed, your SIM card is use to identify you on the operator service of your network.

The problem can be that the SIM card is not insert correctly and before doing so, turn off your iPhone. If your iPhone is off, the SIM card may not refresh properly.

Simply use the pin from the box your iPhone came in to open the SIM card tray, pull it out, and put it back – making sure it is seated properly in the tray.

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Fix # 4 – Refresh Network Settings to Fix iPhone Say No Service

Then if nothing so far has helped you and your iPhone still isn’t saying service, the next thing we’ll try is to refresh your network settings. This can help resolve network issues as well as any Wi-Fi related issues you are having.

Note that if you use this fix, all your Wi-Fi networks will be disconnected Also, all VPN information saved on the iPhone will be deleted. If you have VPNs saved on your device and you don’t want to lose them, be sure to write down the relevant information.

To refresh your network settings, open the ” Settings “, Swipe down and tap ” ” General “, ” Scroll to the bottom of this menu and tap the ” Reset ” button. From there, you will see all the settings that will allow you to reset different aspects of your iPhone.

Press the “ Reset Network Settings ” button And once the check box appears, press “Reset Network Settings” again. After a few seconds, your network settings will reset and you shall notice an improvement in service of your iPhone.

Fix # 5 – Update iOS version

There is a reason why Apple says you shall always keep your iOS version up to date and if a new version is released you should update it ASAP. The reason for minor iOS updates is due to issues like “ iPhone says no service ” and security updates, again, it’s important to make sure you’re up to date with them. recent versions of iOS.

To check if an iOS update is available, follow the steps below.

1 – Grab your iPhone, unlock it if you have password protection and launch the “ Settings ” app

2 – Once you are in the Settings app, scroll down and tap on the “General ”, then tap on the “ Software Update ” button.

3 – From here you will be able to see if an update is required or not.  If an update is required, tap ” Download & Install ” and let your iPhone take care of the rest.

You can also update your iPhone using iTunes if you prefer.

By keeping up to date with recent versions of iOS, you can prevent these issues from occurring and ensure that your device’s security is up to date.

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Fix # 6 – Using iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery to Easily Fix iPhone Without Service

This patch is without a doubt the most reliable and is the one we suggest you use. We will use iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery to fix iPhone, no service, and we will walk you through the steps to do it.

Before you follow the guide we have provided below, make sure you have iMyFone Fixppo installed.

Step # 1 – Start by launching iMyFone Fixppo and connecting your iOS device using a Lightning cable.

Step # 2 – From the main program menu, click on ” Standard Mode .”

Repair iPhone No Service with Fixppo

Note: In case the “Standard Mode” to resolve the problem you are having doesn’t help. Then use “Advanced Mode” instead as this will attempt a more in-depth repair method.

Step # 3 – On the next screen, you will see how to enter your device into DFU mode. And if that doesn’t work, you can put the device into recovery mode instead. Go ahead and follow these instructions to continue.

Step # 4 – Once your device is in DFU Mode or Recovery Mode, it will prompt you to enter information about the connected device. Follow the instructions given to you, enter the necessary information and click ” Download ” to continue.

Step # 5 – iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery will now download the appropriate firmware to resolve the issue you are having.

Step # 6 – You will be able to follow the download process, and once the download is complete, the firmware will be reinstalled on your iPhone.

Repair iPhone without service successfully

The best thing about using iMyFone Fixppo to fix iPhone is saying that no service is not only that the problem fixes quickly, but you also do not lose your personal data. Why risk losing your precious data when this program can secure your data and fix the problem?

As we said before, if using Standard Mode doesn’t help iPhone fix any service issue you are having, don’t worry. Go back to the main program menu and click on “Advanced mode”. The process is incredibly similar and will most likely fix any issues you are having with your iPhone.

Fix # 7 – Call your network operator

The fixes mentioned in this article would solve the “iPhone without service” issue. If not, then, it is a good idea to contact your network operator.

Sometimes you will find that this is just routine maintenance and there is nothing wrong on your end. Or maybe there has been something wrong with your local connection. Whatever the problem, your network operator will explain the root of the problem to you. And, also, what you can do to get rid of the ” iPhone says no service ” problem.

To Conclude — iphone no service

If none of the fixes worked, the best thing to do is to contact your iPhone carrier. And thus, deal with those issues. Chances are, any of these fixes will help fix , but if they don’t, your carrier will definitely help. Although, the iMyFone Fixppo is also a very handy tool to have for this and many other iPhone issues.

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