The first thing that comes to mind is someone’s sitting on it or its under the couch. But if you have looked for it everywhere and you have a doubt on your dog. Don’t you worry not all hope is lost because we got you covered up with. Some tricks of Lost firestick remote how to pair new one.

Here are some ways you can use your firestick without the actual physical remote available. So here are some ways with which you can Lost firestick remote how to pair new one.

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Understanding the Problem:

So first we have to understand the problem. Firestick works on a WiFi connection. For the first time you use the remote to navigate through your device and navigate and save your WiFi credentials. But if your remote is gone your Firestick is still connected to WiFi. So you can’t do anything without the remote.

And the second worse issue than that when you are away from your WiFi. You are relocating and your Firestick is not connected and your remote is lost. So we bring you solution when Lost firestick remote how to pair new one.

How to Navigate and Control the FireStick without the Remote:

When the Firestick remote is lost within the house:

If your firestick is lost in the house or your dog has it with his toys. But we have good news for you. You can also use your smartphones to navigate your firestick. So if you’re connected to the same network you can just login the app and control your firestick from that.

The first thing you can do is download the app from the Play Store or the App Store. And the second thing launch the app from the app drawer. Now when you open the app the firestick will automatically showup. There is no need to login just enter the 4 digit pin that will be displayed in the Firestick.

The code will be displayed on the TV and you can just enter the code and bam there you are ready to control the firestick.

Now if everything is set your app looks like this. This is the digital remote for the FireStick and you can swipe on the empty area to simulate arrow keys and tap the empty space to Press OK. You can go to Settings, use Alexa, type URLs with the smartphone keyboard, etc, with the remote app.

Lost firestick remote how to pair new one

When you lose the Firestick remote away from home:

So as we discussed in the first point. When you are at home and connected to the same WiFi you can use your smartphone to connect. The process is a bit log. In the first process you use one smartphone. In the second one you have to use 2 smartphone. Where one act as remote and the other smartphone which can create a WiFi hotspot.

But as you know or not the iphone’s hotspot name cant be changed so you have use. Things like Mac Computer, Windows Computer or an android smartphone and they should have a working internet connection.

Just the first process you have to install the app in one of the smartphone. The next part is important is to create a WiFi name with the same credentials as your home WiFi.  The Wi-Fi name and password are both case-sensitive so create a hotspot keeping that in mind.

Lost firestick remote how to pair new one

Now if you are done with everything. Just connect the firestick to the network it will connect automatically. And then connect the smartphone with the same network it will work perfectly fine.

Now that is how your Firestick will automatically appear on your smart TV. And that is how you use your firestick with the new hotspot you have created.

Go to Settings on the Fire TV Stick > scroll to Network > select the Wifi Network > enter the password.

Use the previous-gen Firestick remote:

If you have previously bought a firestick or your friend has one. So the good news you can use the old remote on the new firestick. Previous remotes doesn’t have the new gen features like the volume button or the mute button. So if you found one of those old gen remotes then you will miss out on those features. Which isn’t a big deal at all other than that it will still work the same.

Lost firestick remote how to pair new one

There are number of hidden features or you can say combination of buttons that you can get. Like for pairing an old gen remote to the new 4K firestick. Just press and hold the Home, back, and left arrow key buttons. At the same time for ten seconds, and then restart your FireStick. The remote will automatically connect to the firestick.

Lost firestick remote how to pair new one

Use a Keyboard or a mouse with the FireStick:

All the above methods are more than enough to make your firestick work. But if you still are unable to do that. You can go through a short but long process of connecting keyboard to the firestick. Firestick remote doesn’t even come closer to the features of a keyboard.

The thing you can do is connect an external mouse or keyboard. Using a micro-splitter which you can find online.

Use your TV’s remote to control FireStick:

As you already know most of the smart tv comes with a Consumer electronic Control. So it’s a thing which lets you control the electronic devices connected to your TV via HDMI using the TV’s remote. So it’s the thing you can use when you have lost your remote for multiple device if some of the remotes are lost.

You just have to follow few simple steps. You have to look for HDMI CEC option in the TV and turn it on. Now the only thing you can do is use the arrow keys on the TV to navigate the Firestick. The only thing you have to watch out for is every TV manufacturer have different settings just keep in mind that. I am sure you will figure it out.

Conclusion on Lost firestick remote how to pair new one:

We have given you different methods on when you Lost firestick remote how to pair new one. So if you lost one this is the place you want to be there is nothing you have to do here. Just simple tips and tricks. Thank You for the read. Hope you find what you looking for here.

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