So had exams and logged out of everything and now the long tough snapchat can not be remembered by you. So here we are with the blog Snapchat forgot password steps to recover. Some Days if you haven’t used it for long time it can log out. And long passwords can be hard to remember. So if you have forgotten your password you can’t really recover your old password but you can change it to new one.

Snapchat forgot password

There are free ways to recover your password. So if you have forgotten your password or someone else has changed it especially. There are pretty simple ways you can change the passwords.

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What is Snapchat?

Almost everyone has seen photos of people with dog’s ears or heart freckles or flowers floating on their head. Also, I am 100% sure that you all know what I am talking about. That’s right, Snapchat. The combination of snaps and texts is what makes this mobile app different from other social media. Snapchat has a special kind of camera so, you can try on a new look with just one tap on the mobile screen. Simply, you can chat with your friends through snaps on Snapchat. With more than 500 million users, Snapchat has become one of the largest networking platforms. 

So here we with the way to recover the Snapchat forgot password:

Reset Your Password From The Website:

First you have to visit the the snapchat page and then click on the link of forgot password. As the image below shows.

Then it will take you to a page and then type your email and associated with your Snapchat account, and then click the “Submit” button.

Then you will have to a quick security check for snapchat to prove you are not a robot hacking the snapchat.

Then an email will be sent to you on the email you have entered. Then you have to visit a link to reset the password.

Snapchat forgot password

When you receive the email, click the link provided to reset your password.

Then just type in your new password. Just make your new password tough but easy to remember so that you won’t forget it.

Snapchat forgot password

Then your password will be changed and then just sign in again in your snapchat account and there you go problem solved part one of Snapchat forgot password.

Reset Your Password From The App:

Resetting the password on your phone or on your ipad is as simple as the link. We’re using the Android version for our example here, but it works pretty much the same on iPhone or iPad.

The first thing you have to do is just open the snapchat and click on the Login button.

Snapchat forgot password

Then just enter your username or you can just enter your email and then click on the forgot password.

Snapchat forgot password

Then you will have option of resetting your password via your phone or your email. The email one will be exactly the same as the above one. And you can select either one but we have talked about the email option so let’s talk about the phone option.

Snapchat forgot password

Then it will again ask you if you are a robot or not. You have to verify the options and then.Type the phone number you have on file, and then tap the “Continue” button.

Snapchat forgot password

Then it will send the code on your phone. And then you will have an automated call.

Then you can change your password and now keep it simple and the one you can remember.

Now you have successfully updated your snapchat password.


We have given you different methods of Snapchat forgot password Steps to recover. You can use these 2 simple methods to change your password and recover your account again. Hope you find what you are looking for here. Thank You for the read.

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