Driver Tonic (by PC Tonics, Inc) is a suspicious driver update tool, which is understood for its questionable and not-so-honest license promotion techniques. It typically uses scare tactics to force the user buy the complete software version to wash non-existent computer problems. Many users who discover this program on their Windows computers start wondering whether it’s a secure and useful program. It’s essentially almost like programs like Win Tonic, Driver Support or Mac Auto Fixer. Thus, in this post we discuss what is Driver Tonic.

Driver Tonic is advertised as “advanced driver updater software” and “the best driver updater programmed to reinforce the performance of your system.” However, we doubt that these statements are trustworthy.

To begin with, we’d wish to means that it’s a paid product, which costs $9.95/monthly or cheaper if you buy the subscription for a extended period instantly. It also promises to incorporate web protection and invalid registry scan together with your purchase.

What is Driver Tonic — Review

Users often wonder is Driver Tonic safe or not. However, it seems that the bulk of users who ended up with this application on their windows cannot remember even trying to find Driver Tonic download. Therefore, questions on its safety and distribution methods arise quickly.

If you came here because you remember installing and now cannot uninstall Driver Tonic or whether you’re trying to find information about its safety, continue reading the in-depth review below. we’ve also added a comprehensive removal guide at the top.

Test & Review — Driver Tonic

The installation process

Driver Tonic is a totally up-to-date and clean Windows system for daily usage. The primary thing one notices is a billboard for Win Tonic. Though, it is annoying to mention.

Examples of Driver tonic ads

The software suggests installing two extra programs alongside it.
Interestingly, subsequent ad suggests installing Avast Antivirus. We decline this offer also and hope to proceed to the installation of the particular product we requested. Finally, the installation starts and finishes quickly enough. Of course, we receive the primary pop-up with a 20% discount offer if we plan to upgrade to a paid version.

The next thing that happens is Windows blocks dtn.exe process with a red User Account Control warning. It states that it has been blocked for your protection.

The next thing we noticed is a likelihood of complete computer slowdown. Whenever we attempt to click on Driver Tonic icon within the menu bar, it simply freezes. Again, this is very annoying.

Evaluation of the functionality

Once we manage to start this app and get it up and running, it starts scanning the system. Surprise – once the driving force Tonic scan reaches 25% completion. We then, receive a billboard urging us to upgrade to Pro version. Otherwise, we’ll be ready to scan and fix only 1 / 4 of the system and problems. The Driver Tonic scan is then automatically paused.
During the system scan, the software advertises its paid version again. For an inexperienced person , it is thus very difficult to come to a conclusion and make a decision, especially because we still don’t know the system status.

The software may display pop-ups informing about outdated drivers, and you want to remember that a number of them are often false-positives. Remember that you simply can always check and update your drivers for free of charge via Windows Device Manager, and you actually don’t got to pay money to try to to that. However, if you discover using automatic programs useful, confirm you select reliable ones and download them from trustworthy online sources only.

Steps to Uninstall it

We decided to get rid of Driver Tonic from our PC. In fact, we didn’t have any problems there upon . All we had to try to to was:

  • Go to instrument panel > Uninstall a program.
  • Select the program and prefer to Uninstall it.
  • Click Yes.
  • VirusTotal report: Is Driver Tonic safe?
  • Checking Driver Tonic executive file on VirusTotal, online malware-detection and analysis tool, brought us quite interesting results. Analyzing them gave us a quick idea about the program.

Driver Tonic is recognized and detected by 4 security programs and mostly identified as a potentially unwanted application. Therefore, it can’t be called an epidemic because it doesn’t perform malicious tasks on the pc system.

However, as mentioned earlier, it’d display quite dishonest pop-up messages which will influence your decision to shop for the professional version of the driving force update tool. Therefore, the simplest thanks to keep yourself safe and sound is to stay this software faraway from your PC.

Things to try if it won’t uninstall

Driver Tonic removal can become a sophisticated task for inexperienced computer users. If you’ve got a tough time uninstalling this quite useless app, check our tips below. Before removing the program via instrument panel , open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del), select Driver Tonic, and click on End Task. Then uninstall the program via instrument panel .
Make sure you log in as administrator before removing the program.
If you can’t uninstall the appliance in normal mode, try doing it in Safe Mode.
After uninstalling the applications, check your browsers for suspicious extensions. the driving force updater could have installed Ad Blocker Pro for you, because it launches a guide the way to uninstall it after Driver Tonic removal.

what is driver tonic


Driver Tonic PUP is a potentially unwanting program (PUP). At first glance, you might think that it is a completely useful application with an attractive description on the official website, but this is an unwanted and annoying application. You will get constant notifications. Some may think that this is insignificant, but this is not true, because Driver Tonic PUP significantly slows down computer. The main goal of this virus is to increase sales. It is important to note that the advertisements that this virus produces may expose you to viruses.

Thus, I bid you good-bye !!! If u have any queries or any suggestions, please feel free to write in the comment section. I will readily respond to your comments nevertheless.

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