Tinder is among the most widespread qualitative analysis apps out there. However, as other apps, it also goes through its periods of lulls and highs throughout the day. There’s a high probability of having a lot of activity throughout a focused event (like a music pageant or maybe the Olympic Games) than on a random November Sunday night. The company understands this, and it’s introducing a brand new feature these days referred to as Swipe Surge. Thus, we discuss What is Swipe Surge on Tinder, in this post.

The idea is simple: if there’s an  associate abnormally high quantity of individuals using the app in any particular area, then, Tinder can tell who are  near. To receive announcements regarding surges in traffic, users  should  flip push notifications on. People who participate in “Swipe Surge” also will have their profile directly boosted to the front of the road. That can be a perk that users usually got to acquire throughout non-Surge times.

Tinder’s announcement also came with a couple of handy statistics  regarding  what a surge in users, truly means.
Swipe Surge is presently “testing on iOS devices in chosen cities, ”however Tinder has nominal knowledge about the feature. The Verge has reached out for clarification.

Benefits of Swipe Surge on Tinder

According to Tinder, Swipe Season witnesses incomparable high in user activity. In 2019, Tinder’s Swipe Season witnessed over 4 crore higher matches as compared to 6 crores during similar week periods. Throughout Swipe Surge,  Tinder says activity is twenty five times higher. Also, matchmaking is 300%  more and “the probability to spark a brand new speech communication forty two times faster”. Tinder usually expects this surge each year throughout Valentine Day celebrations.

What is Swipe Surge on Tinder

Swipe Surge naturally  happens on Tinder however  the  qualitative analysis  platform conjointly takes advantage of this. Tinder therefore, suggests users to take more time to browse the bios of their potential matches. And thus, come to a very informed decision. Users may strive declaring the causes they support on their Tinder bios. Another crazy factor urged by Tinder is mentioning star signs in profiles.


The feature is intended to allow Tinder to take greater advantage of real-world events that drive inflated usage. Like music festivals, parties or break  holidays,  as an example. The company also says that it tested out causation push notifications to alert users regarding surge periods in its app back in 2016. It also found that it resulted in users forming a pair five times more  matches  during the swipe surge.

Now it’s turning these push notifications into a true product with Swipe Surge. In addition to the alerts designed to draw Tinder users into the app at constant time, the app can embrace “Swipe Surge” disapproval  throughout the event.  If you join surge by responding to the push notification then you can come in front of the match queue. Also, Tinder can show you who’s presently active within the app.

The company has been operating in recent months to push Tinder as a qualitative analysis app for the younger demographic. With its  promoting  campaign centered on the “single way”, ” media publication “Swipe Life”, its collegian product.

How to Start Swipe Surge on Tinder

Just start swiping and your are good to enter the great Swipe Surge.

When you enter you get a green badge on your profile that says so. Thus, you know who’s online or and who’s not, and enjoy the benefit of this option.

To note, the biggest benefit is that whenever you enter a Swipe Surge your profile gets boosted to the top of the queue for anyone near. This, therefore essentially means that you’re getting a free boost and pass to the top.

What is Swipe Surge on Tinder

And yes, everything is completely free.

Now that you know what is a Swipe Surge, you must be wondering why it exists. So lets dive into it too.

Why Swipe Surge by Tinder in the first place?

Simple, the clear cut answer to it is Demand and Supply.

Tinder took note that there are period of lulls during the day when activity isn’t very high. And, it can discourage users from using Tinder because they don’t know, there are times when there are crests too.

Tinder wants you to understand that there are tons of active users online because which will end in more matches, make your experience on Tinder better, and it’s just good marketing for them.

Their research suggested that there are times when there are more active people on Tinder than usual, but that they will never predict when it’s getting to happen.

So they came up with a Swipe Surge notification to urge even more people to use the app in those moments. It’s good for you and it’s good for them. In addition thereto , they came out with statistics regarding Swipe Surge.

Activity during a Swipe Surge are often up to 25x above usual, and other people tend to urge in-tuned 42% faster.

They also added that they realize that the majority of their users use the app on the go and don’t have tons of your time to spend thereon , so showing them the simplest period to use the app goes to form their experience on Tinder far better .

I hope that this suffices you on What is Swipe Surge on Tinder. But the bigger question now is how do you make it an advantage for you?

How to use Swipe Surge as your advantage

Studies have shown that using Tinder during a Swipe Surge helps you rise up to twenty more matches, but as long as you’re smart about doing it.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Keep your phone charged and your notifications on. you’ll enable notifications within the settings.
  • Next, swiping.
  • Even though you’ll enter a Swipe Surge when you’re free member on Tinder, your swipes are limited.
  • Users who have a Premium subscription can swipe during a Swipe Surge until it’s completely over, which is relative.
  • This event can last anywhere between a few of minutes and an entire day.
  • But, no worries!
  • If you’re a free member you’ll still swipe during a Swipe Surge as long as you didn’t spend all of your swipes during the day, and now’s the proper time to try to to it.

Tinder Swipe Surge – what’s it and the way to take advantage

  • Tinder came out with the info that matchmaking potential during this event 2.5 times higher, and you ought to use it while you’ll .
  • Should you use any of the extra Tinder features during a Swipe Surge? Well, there’s no need for it.
  • The one thing that you simply shouldn’t use during a Swipe Surge is Tinder Boost, because you’ll just be wasting money.
  • As mentioned before, your profile already gets boosted to the highest once you enter a Swipe Surge.
  • Next, you don’t got to use an excellent Like because the sole difference are going to be that this point the person will see it immediately.
Tinder Swipe Surge - What is it and how to take advantage 5

All in all, the simplest thanks to use Swipe Surge to urge more matches is to hitch it and swipe until you can’t anymore. More swipes equal more matches, and you’re sure to begin of this with a minimum of one good date.

Of course, which will happen as long as you follow our recommendations on the way to recover matches on Tinder during a Swipe Surge.

How to get better matches

Swipe Surge doesn’t happen always but when it does one has to be ready to swipe and get as many dates as you can.

Did you know that people on Tinder decide whether they like you or not in a matter of seconds, so having a good profile is just one of the steps towards getting to go on that date.

The most important keys for success : having a good bio and info, having a good profile photo, , and using a good talk starter. Speaking of starting a conversation, the key is to just do it.

Check their bio first to see if you have something in common, and if not then, slide into the chat with a witty remark or any genuine pick up line. It’s best to start a conversation after the Swipe Surge is over. So that you can use that free boost while it lasts.


I have shown and talked you through the nitty-gritty of Swipe Surge on Tinder. Thus, you have seen the benefits and advantages of being a part of the great Swipe surge. This magnanimously increases your chances of getting huge matchmaking profiles at your help.

Thus, now as you know it all, then start using swipe surge. If you have any queries or face any problems whatsoever, feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section. And, I will be readily there to respond. Till then you can head over to this section to read and enhance your knowledge by reading other posts.

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