In this post, we will talk about when did TikTok come out? TikTok, referred to as  Douyin in its home market was launched in China in September 2016. It came to be known globally as TikTok the subsequent year.

The TikTok app allows users to make 15-second videos, sound-tracked by music clips. The app was the world’s second-most or fourth-most downloaded non-gaming app of 2019.

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance also owns Toutiao, a news aggregation platform. It was started by Zhang Yiming in 2012 at the young age of 29. Notably, he wasn’t back by either Alibaba or Tencent.

This was a strategic triumph. In November 2017 ByteDance acquired the favored  would-be rival app app for a reported $1 billion. In August 2018, TikTok was merge with This was seen as how for the Chinese app to enter the US market – with already boasting a substantial American audience.

State of Affairs right now

TikTok/Douyin (and formerly users use the app largely to make , share, and consider content. These contents based around lip syncing, dancing, comedy skits, and other physical activities. Clearly, this is often something that appeals to children (and quite few older ones) round the world. Thus, the app snowballing in popularity over 2018 and 2019. Despite only being released in 2016, it had been one among the most-downloaded apps of the 2010s.

As of 2020, TikTok is one among the world’s best-love apps. Its success power by a number of the world’s most sophisticate AI.

That said, it’s not been without its controversies. In 2019, India was investigating it for “morality issues”, with pornographic content and predatory behaviour  priority. It’s been accuse of not adequately safeguarding young users’ data. It has been held again in June 2020 alongside a spate of other Chinese-base apps. This as tensions between China and India heightens.

US is investigating it over national security concerns. ByteDance has released a transparency report back to affect these accusations. And has also moved to ringfence TikTok from the remainder of its operations. Nonetheless, as of early 2020, TikTok looks like the app to beat.

Present day — TikTok’s state

TikTok is out there in over 150 markets round the world, in 39 languages. The newest available official statistics show that there are 500 million TikTok users round the world.

The 500 million figure, however dates back to a politician announcement in July 2018. ByteDance has not released anything newer. We will assume that given its huge popularity, the figure is higher. In September 2019, TikTok VP Blake Chandlee suggests that while it has not been upto 1 billion. Though it has been not at half that level either.

This is able to make it the sixth-most used social app within the world. Only the varied Facebook properties, YouTube, and WeChat rank before it.

App Annie’s State of Mobile 2020 gives us a ranking of apps consistent with user numbers. This puts TikTok in sixth place in terms of worldwide users. We know that Instagram in firth-place has 1 billion users.

TikTok users’ values

TikTok users are generally very conscious of status as per Global Web Index stats. They are 2 times more likely to promote a brand online as it would enhance their status online.

Below we can see some of the most-distinctive values of TikTok users. These are measured by the proportion of users ascribing to each value. And also how this percentage compares to the average internet user.

TikTok users greatly promote product-centric communities. They are 2times more likely to buy products. In order to feel part of their community associated with said product. And are also open to advertising and can be swayed by others’ opinions.

They seem fairly relaxed about things, with a majority feeling comfortable about the global economy. Also the environment alike – levels 1.5 times and 1.6 times greater than average.

And finally, we see that they are brand-conscious people around 1.4 times more than average.

WRAPPING UP !!! — when did TikTok come out

In this post, we have thus, been through the journey of TikTok. Through the basic nitty-gritty to the most important functionalities and terms. Also, if you have any queries and/or doubts or you face any problem while going through this. Or maybe doing your work on TikTok, then, feel free to come in touch with me. You can also post the things in comments. Thus, hoping that you have understood and that you have also liked my post.

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