The screenshot is generally a very useful feature given by Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, Amazon Kindle devices. This feature enables you to capture the digital image and the contents getting displayed on the screen. It helps us to capture any meaningful information that we may like to keep for future use and reference. Screenshots come very handy and are also a very good way to getting more work done at a much faster rate. But, sometimes we might face a problem where we cant take Screenshot due to security policy.

Cant take screenshot due to security policy

Cant take Screenshot due to Security Policy — But Why???

Security policy of Chrome Browser

You might have faced a problem when you are in incognito mode in Chrome Browser. But, you find, there’s no option available to disable or enable this feature once you are in incognito mode of Google Chrome. So, please make sure that before taking a screenshot you’re generally not in incognito mode.

Sometimes you may encounter this problem although you might not be in incognito mode. If that’s the case then try the following steps :-

  • Go to Settings
  • Other App
  • Apps lock(if any)
  • Permission
  • Enable permission for the storage

Now, you will be good to take screenshots again.

Phone Settings

There are often certain settings on mobile phones which prevent you from taking a screenshot. In that case, you should contact customer care services and get the problem solved.

Apps Policy

Nowadays, many apps provide extra-security features to safeguard and protect the knowledge , credentials of the user. These apps have a policy that forestalls or obtains screenshots from being captured. Such apps protect your privacy and tip from being displayed on the screen by preventing intruders. Also, harmful viruses from trying to peek into it by taking a screenshot.

There are certain banking apps and financial apps that have an android system built-in mechanism which blocks screenshots. During this way, they prevent a trespasser from capturing screen to save lots of financial data.

Now, that we know why and how these problems surface. Let’s look at ways to fix this problem.

Cant take Screenshot due to Security Policy Fix

You’ve already seen several reasons when you cant take screenshot due to security policy. Here, we will be seeing the ways to fix this problem.

  • If you’re using any banking app or other financial apps then, to take care of confidentiality, integrity, and privacy, you may possibly not be allowed to require a screenshot. Why? Because it is restricted from the server-side. For this you may use any third-party apps for the same. This will facilitate you in taking the same and getting your work done.
  • Uninstall any newly installed app. You might come across such a situation when you might have installed a new app. Due to the apps coding to manage or limit your phone’s properties. So, uninstalling the app may make your device ready to take screenshots again.
  • Use normal mode while browsing because, you might be using incognito mode of the browser. And incognito mode generally doesn’t allow to do such things like taking screenshots.

Some More Techniques

  • Can’t take screenshot thanks to security policy in Facebook, Instagram: Enable Camera Permission. If this message pops-up again while using user-friendly apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc. First you should see if you’re in incognito mode, if yes, switch to normal first, if no, then follow the below procedure.

If you would like to require a screenshot that’s not followed by the app then follow these steps:-

  • Launch app that imposes a screenshot restriction.
  • Tap and hold the house Button and launch Google Assistant.
  • Can’t take screenshot thanks to security policy
  • Go to What’s On My Screen button.
  • Tap Share Screenshot Button

After following these steps you’ll choose an area to save lots of the screenshot from the apps getting display.

  • If you can’t take screenshot thanks to limited space for storing. See your space for storage. Insert SD card if ROM space is a smaller amount. Format or delete the invaluable data from the ROM and SD card. It may be that your SD card gets corrupt, in that case, you need to use softwares to get it recovered.
  • Use another mobile and take photo of the screen. It is generally the simplest method to get out of this problem.
  • Also, there is a snipping tool in your Windows device to allow you to take screenshots.
  • Even for that matter your printscreen button comes in handy.
  • Record Screen and Capture: You can record a video of your screen using any screen recorder app. Run, the app in the background and go to the place where you want to take a screenshot. Record the video and keep pausing it while playing. Take the screenshot now. You are now done and good to go

How to Protect Your Data?

In the last half a decade, cyber-crimes against women have gained traction and reached its peak. Cases of culprits using photos of young girls to create a new account or misusing them or sharing them among people have been numerous.

Before taking a screenshot we should think twice. Take care of the following points:-

  • Do not take a screenshot of any sort of personal information (like passwords, login credentials).
  • Also, do not take a screenshot of your sensitive information.
  • Don’t take a screenshot of something which seems suspicious.

Screenshot Alerts — Do they have any benefit?

  • Yes, Screenshot Alerts protect you and your organization against various malware, ransomware, social engineering, and phishing.
  • Prevention of unauthorized users.
  • Protection of end-users.


Through this article, thus, I have tried to provide you with knowledge about the security policies, concerning taking screenshots. Also, other trendy topics of problems and questions related to it. So, in writing this, I suppose I have made myself pretty clear. But, in case, you persist with any doubts, then, please feel free to write to me in the comments section and I am as always ever-ready to help you out with your queries and problems.

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