Today, through this post we are gonna understand and have in-depth knowledge of what is KLMS Agent? You are in the right place at the right time if, you are one of those wondering what KLMS Agent is in reality. Or, for that matter why is it in your phone in the first place.

KLMS Agent

In this post, I will be taking you through the topics concerning the basic nitty-gritty of the KLMS Agent. What is KNOX and also its importance? Also, how is KLMS Agent useful to the user? Is the KLMS Agent app a tracking app? Or, is it a virus? I will also be guiding you through on is it dangerous having it on your android device?

Therefore, what am I waiting for, its time we get on with the topics.

What exactly is KLMS Agent?

KLMS Agent is a file generally, found, in Samsung Phone. Therefore, to know about KLMS Agent, first, we will have to understand about Samsung’s Security system. In simple words, KLMS Agent has things to try to with the safety Android Platform, KNOX. KNOX is generally a pre-installed software, which allows only the users with eligible authorized-access. This software blocks access of the system to all or any unauthorized users.

This application is beneficial to access your file safely, like emails and other business work applications. Not only protecting data, but this application also creates a productive space that differentiates work related work and personal work. All the knowledge inside the KNOX is can’t be accessed by users outside the workspace. All the knowledge stores inside KNOX is under encryption which provides security to the workspace of users.

How about KLMS Agent being a Virus?

As I have been discussing since time immemorial that KLMS Agent is nothing like being harmful. Instead, it’s a useful application that stores the user’s work-related data securely. It is that people don’t know the utilization of this application and generally take it as a Virus or some of its component likewise. It’s name also contributing a great proportion in it being understood as being harmful or mischievous.

Why am I vouching for it? It’s because I know its various feature. Therefore, here I will discuss its various features and functions:

Software Integrity

We know that any software’s origin decides if it’s safe or not. If the user downloads the software from any trust-able source or licensed-source, then we consider it to be secure. Most of the time, scam websites attempt to bypass your security system and make changes to your device. If any such action occurs in your device KNOX immediately identifies and blocks it to guard your data.

KLMS Agent Features (KNOX)

Samsung security to the workspace comes with different features. allow us to still know what different and unique features Samsung includes in its KLMS Agent (KNOX).

KLMS Agent

Data Storage Protection

From the above information, we are saying that the essential feature of this application is data protection. KLMS Agents helps the users to guard their storage data for instance images, contacts, emails, and lots of more. This application secures data in such how that no other can change the settings directly and modify them.

Network Protection

It’s a standard practice by hackers to extract data from the users through networks. The info generally travels through different networks like Wi-fi, cellular data, Bluetooth, etc.. There’s an opportunity your data gets hacked during this process, hence KNOX ensures safety in such cases too,, by providing network encryption.

What is this thing doing on my phone?

Commonly, most users have similar thoughts on KLMS Agent like its existence. I even have not installed it, so what’s it doing on my phone? I don’t need a KLMS Agent, what should I do now?

KLMS agent isn’t an app that the user installs but is it a pre-installed application. This application comes right along together with your android device from the manufacturers. we will say that the KLMS Agent is bloatware. So, there’s no got to worry about where this application comes from to your android device. we will see that this application auto-updates itself; it are often the foremost of concern to the users.

Let us see some methods of uninstalling the Agent and KNOX services from your device or disabling them.

How to activate license when in VMware Launcher ?

  • You need to find the right file.
  • noted as the KLMS Agent system app.
  • Then add this file to the Launcher Approved apps.
  • Thereafter, the user can now see and accept the license agreement.

Why to Disable / Uninstall Samsung Knox?

Samsung Knox may be a very good security feature. But, it surely makes things complex when you want to root your device. General root methods such as Chainfire’s CF-auto root bluffs the Knox counter.

If your device is already rooted. And, if you are running on Android KitKat, Jelly Bean, Lollipop or Marshmallow you might get an error like this:

SuperSU tried to access system in your device without authorization. This action was blocked.

To get rid of this error, you need to disable or uninstall the Knox on your Samsung device.

How to Disable KLMS Agent (KNOX) in your Android?

Using Knox Remover Zip to uninstall KNOX

Give this method a shot using the Knox Remover Zip.

  • Backup your device, to be on the safe-side.
  • Download the KNOX file by the XDA Developers.
  • Run itDelete all files labeled as Knox.
  • Restart your Samsung device.

Using Android Terminal Emulator [Root]

  • Install the ‘Android Terminal Emulator‘ from Google Play Store. 
  • Open and Launch it.
  • Grant access to it.
  • Run and execute the various commands.
  • Uninstall the app running in background — su pm disable com.sec.knox.seandroid
  • Done.

Is KLMS Agent a Spyware?

If you think that KLMS Agent is any source of third-party information control then it’s completely false. This application is safe to use under various protection laws, which ensures data safety. Additionally, to the present KNOX comes with additional safety features like fingerprint security, secure network data transfer, and more.

It is more general to seek out KLMS Agent in your Samsung devices. But any user can download this application from Google Play Store. This application of Samsung occupies a knowledge up to 7.6 MB which is considerable for such applications. With approximately 650K+ downloads this application of KNOX is with 3+ rating.

The additional features of this application are, it comes with KME console integration. The newest version of this application is 21.2( which has its latest update on the 22nd of December 2020.


KLMS Agent is basically, an application relating to Samsung’s security protection on work profile. This application comes with various advantages to the users. Mainly for those that want to secure their information from others. This application helps the users to make the correct balance between work-data and personal-data.

Through this article, thus, I have tried to provide you with knowledge about the KLMS Agent, its various features and functionalities, and other trendy topics and questions related to it. So, in writing this, I suppose I have made myself pretty clear. But, in case, you persist with any doubts, then, please feel free to write to me in the comments section and I am as always ever-ready to help you out with your queries and problems.

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