So everyone gets bored after sometime while using their phone and if there phone is LG. We have a solution for you. And the solution is What is LG smartworld? So if you want to create a futuristic theme or change the wallpaper. And change the screen timer and fonts on your phone. So we will tell you What is LG smartworld?

What is LG smartworld

So this article is we will tell you the benefits of the What is LG smartworld. And how can you use the LG To make your life and phone better.

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What is LG smartworld?

LG smartworld is a unique application which is used by LG smartphone users for several effects such as accessorize mobile’s look. As the name suggests, it is provided exclusively by LG manufacturers. This app offers most of the Android apps to run on LG Smart TVs and smartphones. All the users of LG smartphone can access to a channel which makes LG Bridge and provides all the apps and accessories. All integrated premium content is provided for customers satisfaction on this app.

LG Smartworld uses com.lge.launcher3 which is a default launcher. Because of this you can use LG’s huge library including apps, games, ringtones, plus themes, wallpapers and other customization features. Some of its features are:

  • You can personalize the keyboard by using KEYBOARD THEME to make it colorful.
  • You can edit and customize the fonts of your smartphone.
  • HOME THEME can be used to make your phone creative by making icons, images for Edit, Home, Menu and Lockscreen.

Application Models

LG smartphones and tablets:

  • Android OS: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.4, 5.1
  • Resolution with: QVGA, HVGA, WVGA, XGA, WXGA, HD/WXGA, WUXGA, HD, FHD,QHD.

Download the LG Smartworld:

So we have told you about What is LG smartworld? So you cannot enjoy the LG smart world without downloading it you can download it form here. We have brought you something that you can’t get bored of. To change the themes first you have you download the theme from the LG smart world for that you have to download the LG smart world. And first of all know about the LG smart world. LG smart world gives you content to work with. You can have all sorts of different themes and wallpapers to make your phone attractive above to you once again. The content may charge you sometimes but it’s not necessary that you pay there are free stuff also available.


  • General information is available for customer awareness purposes.
  • All the information provided by it is available worldwide to all the end-users free of cost.
  • The features are not available in one product.
  • All the products are not available in the global market.
  • Whenever there is reliance on data, it is at its hazard.
  • All the losses and damage that occur will be accounted by LGEIL. It will include the indirect loss and the consequential loss or damage.
  • There are solutions provided in the informational video. These solutions can vary depending on the models so you need to check the details before implementing it.

Pros of LG Smartworld

  1. There are several applications in the Smartworld that are paid. Users are able to use their own PayPal account or credit card for the payment. This is an easy way for all those who don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use it.
  2. The LG store provides apps and easy customization for LG Smart TVs and other android devices. The Smart World is a unique place where LG can divide all its contents and apps for LG devices.
  3. It provides interesting recommendations to users according to their age, model, group, gender or the latest model of the device. This enables the users to have the apps in accordance to their liking or recent use. It also recommends them those apps that were not known to them but are in latest trend.
  4. There is no difficulty in installing this app. As it is freely available on the Google Play Store. So it provides easy installation and you can install it from the store.
  5. The LG Smartworld provides many developer and content services which helps in publishing applications on mobile stores. You can also get many tips on how to develop apps on mobiles in the content manager system. All the features and services can also be utilized. The latest feature is Dual Window through which we can use double apps.

Cons of LG Smartworld

  • The main disadvantage of the app is when it is downloaded, it gets installed in Korean version. This means that language will be Korean and you need to change the language. This can be done in the settings by changing it into another country’s language.
  • If you try to install LG Smartworld on a non-LG device, it becomes quite difficult. This can be done by unofficially side-loading the application as a website. It is where the installation file can be downloaded.
  • Sometimes when you download the application your device, it can come with garbage which will degrade the device with no internet issues.
  • The application is expensive and some of the features you need to pay out of your wallet.

How to install LG smart world:

You can install the LG smart world app from here:

  • You can use the LG smart world but you have to install it from the play store on the google from here.
  • Then you have to go to the menu option with three dots on the top right corner.
  • After entering the menu you have to select the LG special apps then select the LG apps.
  • Then in the LG apps you can view LG customized apps features and instructions.
  • Then you have the option of changing the audio, different games, content apps these are some of the things that are provided by the LG stores. You can customize your home screen and make your phone new.

What happens after update?

  • There are only 5 themes in the LG Smartworld and the update will remove these themes from the Smartworld.
  • When you update then the various background styles and pictures from the settings gets deleted. The only modes available are black or dark background ones.
  • All the android users won’t be able to change the text bubbles in the settings. This is because according to the default settings its colour is supposed to be green and recipients is supposed to be gray.
  • Because of the update all the icons in the app gets changed in the Smartworld.
  • Most of the font options gets deleted after the update. Only a few of them remain available.

The app is comfortable for the people using LG devices. As they can share applications, music files, fonts and other themes. There is no use of a third-party application. All the features and work processes are available for LG devices.


So here we talked about What is LG smartworld. How you can completely reinvent your phone. So if you are bored and tired of your old phone. This is the blog for you. Because you can have new screen savers, games and wallpapers. To make your phone and life better. The pros and cons of the LG smartworld. How to download the App. Hope you find what you are looking for here. Thankyou for the read.

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