Chrome continue is a handy feature where chrome allows you to save your work. Suddenly when your chrome crashes and you are doing something important and this is where chrome continue comes handy and it saves all your work and gives you an option of restoring everything as it was. This feature of Chrome continue doesnt seems to work every time for everyone.

Some of the people have complained regarding Chrome continue. They have complained about it not restoring everything and some of the tabs are lost so here some of the methods that you can try to fix how Chrome continue works.

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Chrome continue

1. Switching to another browser

The best alternative to try when you are having problems with Chrome’s Continue where you left off feature is switching to a different browser. We recommend you Opera as it is built on the Chromium engine. Because of this it contains the same extensions and features as Chrome. You will easily be able to import from Chrome your data and browsing history. It also has built-in phishing, tracking and malware protection. There is also an advantage that opera will not send any data to Google like Chrome. Hence, it tops the list of alternatives for Chrome.

2. Make a new Google Chrome profile

  • Firstly, at the top right of the browser you will see a Profile button, just click it.
  • Now choose Manage people.
  • Then choose Add person.
Chrome continue
  • Now in the text box above you have to enter an account name.
  • Browse a picture for the profile.
  • Click on the Add button.
  • Lastly, you can switch profiles just by selecting from the menu which appears when you click on the Profile button.

3. Turning off Chrome extensions

  • Start by clicking on the Customize and Control Google Chrome button.
  • Now choose More Tools and then go to Settings.
Chrome continue
  • In the extensions, press the buttons at the bottom right.
  • You also have the alternative to click Remove to uninstall extensions.

4. Open tabs in one window only

Now you have to keep in mind that continue where you left off is an option that doesn’t open all the tabs in different window. It just open the tabs for a particular window.

Note that you don’t open the tabs in multiple windows or you won’t be able to chrome continue once the chrome crashes.

Chrome continue

5: You have to reinstall Google Chrome:

You can also reinstall your google chrome from your local and the install it again for the Chrome continue. Just follow these simple steps and you won’t be disappointed.

  • First you have to press the windows key+ R hotkey.
  • Then after that just copy and paste the path given in box below.
C:Users(Your Username)AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser Data
  • Then after that replace your username with an actual user account profile.
  • After that just select the default option and then click on copy.
  • Then if you have multiple profile just select one Profile 1 or Profile 2.
  • Then you just have to copy each profile separately.
  • Next, open a folder and copy the Chrome profile.
  • Right-click an empty space within the folder and select the Paste option.

We just saw how to reinstall the chrome now we will see how to uninstall with the steps:

  • You just have to enter appwiz.cpl and then click OK.
  • Then after that just click on the Google Chrome and uninstall.
  • Now you have just do one simple thing just restart the windows and your work is done.


So after the complains from people we try to come up with a solution of bugging out chrome continue. Different methods that you can try to solve this problem. So hope you find this blog useful. Thank You for reading this blog.

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