In simple words, a python module contains functions and statements. A module can contain many elements or define functions, classes, executable code, and variables as well. A module can help you to keep the related code collectively in some place. In logical aspects as also you can keep your code organized. If you use any editors and shell, there will be some modules that are available by default or in-built. So, we are going to look at many ways to get the list of python modules. Let’s roll!!!

Creating a simple python module

 Creating a python module is very easy. As discussed above, in a module you can define functions, classes, and even variables. You have to write the function or runnable code, save the file with .py extension, import, and use it in code. As simple as that. 

def welcome_message(name):
    print("Howdy" + name)

Well, we have defined a function that greets the input name. We have to save the file as a .py extension. In this case, we are going to save it as Now we can import the module and call the function.

import mymodule
Howdy, Hackanons

Get list of modules in python (In-built)

Creating a module is easy as shown above. But python offers plenty of most useful modules for your coding purposes. If you want to know what are modules that python offers for you, you can run the below code to get the list of modules in python.

Cython              brain_random        mailcap             sndhdr
IPython             brain_re            markupsafe          snowballstemmer
OpenSSL             brain_responses     marshal             socket
PIL                 brain_scipy_signal  math                socketserver
PyQt5               brain_six           matplotlib          socks
__future__          brain_sqlalchemy    mccabe              sockshandler
_abc                brain_ssl           menuinst            sortedcollections
_ast                brain_subprocess    mimetypes           sortedcontainers
_asyncio            brain_threading     mistune             soupsieve
_bisect             brain_type          mkl                 sphinx
_black_version      brain_typing        mkl_fft             sphinxcontrib
_blake2             brain_uuid          mkl_random          spyder
_bootlocale         brotli              mmap                spyder_kernels
_bz2                bs4                 mmapfile            sqlalchemy
_cffi_backend       builtins            mmsystem            sqlite3
_codecs             bz2                 mock                sre_compile
_codecs_cn          cProfile            modulefinder        sre_constants
_codecs_hk          calendar            more_itertools      sre_parse
_codecs_iso2022     certifi             mpmath              ssl
_codecs_jp          cffi                msgpack             sspi
_codecs_kr          cgi                 msilib              sspicon
_codecs_tw          cgitb               msvcrt              stat
_collections        chardet             multipledispatch    statistics
_collections_abc    chunk               multiprocessing     statsmodels
_compat_pickle      click               mymodule            storemagic
_compression        cloudpickle         mypy_extensions     string
_contextvars        clyent              nacl                stringprep
_csv                cmath               navigator_updater   struct
_ctypes             cmd                 nbclient            subprocess
_ctypes_test        code                nbconvert           sunau
_datetime           codecs              nbformat            symbol
_decimal            codeop              nest_asyncio        sympy
_distutils_hack     collections         netbios             sympyprinting
_dummy_thread       colorama            netrc               symtable
_elementtree        colorsys            networkx            sys
_functools          commctrl            nltk                sysconfig
_hashlib            compileall          nntplib             tables
_heapq              comtypes            nose                tabnanny
_imp                concurrent          notebook            tarfile
_io                 conda               nt                  tblib
_json               conda_build         ntpath              telnetlib
_locale             conda_env           ntsecuritycon       tempfile
_lsprof             conda_package_handling nturl2path          terminado
_lzma               conda_verify        numba               test
_markupbase         configparser        numbers             test_data
_md5                contextlib          numexpr             test_pycosat
_msi                contextlib2         numpy               testpath
_multibytecodec     contextvars         numpydoc            tests
_multiprocessing    copy                odbc                textdistance
_nsis               copyreg             olefile             textwrap
_opcode             crypt               opcode              this
_operator           cryptography        openpyxl            threading
_osx_support        csv                 operator            threadpoolctl
_overlapped         ctypes              optparse            three_merge
_pickle             curl                os                  tifffile
_py_abc             curses              packaging           time
_pydecimal          cwp                 pandas              timeit
_pyio               cycler              pandocfilters       timer
_pyrsistent_version cython              paramiko            tkinter
_pytest             cythonmagic         parser              tlz
_queue              cytoolz             parso               token
_random             dask                partd               tokenize
_sha1               dataclasses         past                toml
_sha256             datetime            path                toolz
_sha3               dateutil            pathlib             tornado
_sha512             dbi                 pathlib2            tqdm
_signal             dbm                 pathspec            trace
_sitebuiltins       dde                 pathtools           traceback
_socket             decimal             patsy               tracemalloc
_sqlite3            decorator           pdb                 traitlets
_sre                defusedxml          pep8                tty
_ssl                diff_match_patch    perfmon             turtle
_stat               difflib             pexpect             turtledemo
_statistics         dis                 pickle              typed_ast
_string             distributed         pickleshare         types
_strptime           distutils           pickletools         typing
_struct             doctest             pip                 typing_extensions
_symtable           docutils            pipes               ujson
_system_path        dummy_threading     pkg_resources       unicodecsv
_testbuffer         email               pkginfo             unicodedata
_testcapi           encodings           pkgutil             unittest
_testconsole        ensurepip           platform            urllib
_testimportmultiple entrypoints         plistlib            urllib3
_testinternalcapi   enum                pluggy              uu
_testmultiphase     erfa                ply                 uuid
_thread             errno               poplib              venv
_threading_local    et_xmlfile          posixpath           warnings
_tkinter            fastcache           pprint              watchdog
_tracemalloc        faulthandler        profile             wave
_warnings           filecmp             prometheus_client   wcwidth
_weakref            fileinput           prompt_toolkit      weakref
_weakrefset         filelock            pstats              webbrowser
_win32sysloader     flake8              psutil              webencodings
_winapi             flask               pty                 werkzeug
_winxptheme         fnmatch             ptyprocess          wheel
_xxsubinterpreters  formatter           pvectorc            widgetsnbextension
_yaml               fractions           py                  win2kras
abc                 fsspec              py_compile          win32api
adodbapi            ftplib              pyclbr              win32clipboard
afxres              functools           pycodestyle         win32com
aifc                future              pycosat             win32con
alabaster           gc                  pycparser           win32console
anaconda_navigator  genericpath         pycurl              win32cred
anaconda_project    getopt              pydoc               win32crypt
antigravity         getpass             pydoc_data          win32cryptcon
appdirs             gettext             pydocstyle          win32ctypes
argh                gevent              pyexpat             win32event
argon2              glob                pyflakes            win32evtlog
argparse            glob2               pygments            win32evtlogutil
array               gmpy2               pylab               win32file
asn1crypto          greenlet            pylint              win32gui
ast                 gzip                pyls                win32gui_struct
astroid             h5py                pyls_black          win32help
astropy             hashlib             pyls_jsonrpc        win32inet
async_generator     heapdict            pyls_spyder         win32inetcon
asynchat            heapq               pyodbc              win32job
asyncio             hmac                pyparsing           win32lz
asyncore            html                pyreadline          win32net
atexit              html5lib            pyrsistent          win32netcon
atomicwrites        http                pytest              win32pdh
attr                idlelib             pythoncom           win32pdhquery
audioop             idna                pytz                win32pdhutil
autopep8            imageio             pywin               win32pipe
autoreload          imagesize           pywin32_bootstrap   win32print
babel               imaplib             pywin32_testutil    win32process
backcall            imghdr              pywintypes          win32profile
backports           imp                 pywt                win32ras
base64              importlib           pyximport           win32rcparser
bcrypt              importlib_metadata  qdarkstyle          win32security
bdb                 iniconfig           qtawesome           win32service
binascii            inspect             qtconsole           win32serviceutil
binhex              intervaltree        qtpy                win32timezone
binstar_client      io                  queue               win32trace
bisect              ipaddress           quopri              win32traceutil
bitarray            ipykernel           random              win32transaction
bkcharts            ipykernel_launcher  rasutil             win32ts
black               ipython_genutils    re                  win32ui
blackd              ipywidgets          readline            win32uiole
bleach              isapi               regcheck            win32verstamp
blib2to3            isort               regex               win32wnet

That’s it. The help command will get list of python module which are available to you to use in the code.

List of python modules in Conda environment

Do you use Anaconda navigator? If yes, then you have to open the conda prompt and then run the “conda list” command to get the list of available modules in python. 

conda list
conda list of modules in python

With the help of “conda list” command, you will get the list of modules with their current version and build information.

Benefits of Python modules

  • You can create a logically organized code with all related functions and statements in one file i.e. module.
  • It will increase the readability of the code for easy understanding.
  • The defined function can reusable when needed.
  • It will help to avoid the duplicity of the code.

Wrapping Up

Python by default offers many modules for your coding journey. You can easily create your custom modules based on your requirements. If you want, you can get the list of python modules with the help of code as shown above. You can use different methods as illustrated in this article. Happy python!!!.

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