Driving potential leads is very essential for a business. Today, most of the business use social platforms to advertise or promote their business or products. Yes, they will post the product or business-related pictures to gather attention towards them. But, providing an option to act on it is very crucial. You no need to be a businessman. You may be an influencer or a marketer, you should make people take action on your product. So, here is the deal. Linktree, a bridging platform that likes your social media to external media such as landing page. Sounds interesting?. So, what is a link tree, and how to use a link tree on Instagram?. 

Don’t scratch your head too much about those questions. In this article, we are going to talk much about linktree, its account creation, and how to use it on Instagram.

What is linktree?

Instagram is the leading social media platform, and it is not a secret anymore. Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users and it’s a whooping number. In the user profile section, you can add your bio.

The only hurdle in Instagram is, it won’t allow you to add clickable clicks anywhere in the app except website space. But the thing is, you can add only one link there.

But, what if you want to add your YouTube channel link, your blog link or any other online platform link?

Worry not, you have Linktree, which is the best possible solution for all your link-sharing sorrows through Instagram.

Linktree allows you to add multiple links to it. Later you can paste the linktree generated link in the place of the website link option on Instagram.

Create account on Linktree for free

To generate a linktree account, you have to create an account first. Don’t worry, it is for free.

  • Visit the site here and click on sign up for free option in the top right corner.
sign up for linktree
  • After clicking on Sign up, you have to enter your email, username, and password to create an account. Don’t forget to accept the terms and conditions. Then click on sign up with email.
enter login details

Don't forget to verify your mail address.

  • You will be asked to enter your full name and your interests as well. Kindly, fill this in as per your requirements as shown below. Then click on continue.
choose your interest
  • The above step will take you to the pricing page. You have to choose the free plan or paid plan as well. But, we are going with a free plan here. Click on the free plan and your account will be ready as shown below.
account is ready
  • After the account setup, you will be asked to add the links. You can add multiple links as shown below.
share the linktree link

You can see the green button in the links. It is for enabling/disabling any links. In the right corner, you have an option to share your linktree link on any platform. In our case, we will use this link on Instagram.

I think, your question ‘how to use linktree in Instagram’ is getting proper response till now.

How to use linktree in Instagram?

Well, we have setup the linktree account and added some links in it. Now, it’s time to use linktree in Instagram. Let’s see how it works.

  • Open your Instagram profile, and then click on “Edit profile” option.
edit profile
  • Now, copy the linktree link from the linktree website. Then, paste that link in the website section of your profile as shown below.
update website link
  • If you are done with adding the link, click on submit. That’s it. Your linktree link on Instagram will be active and live.
  • Anyone who clicks on that link will be taken to another page, where all your added links will be displayed and prompt the user to click on any of them as shown below.
linktree links
  • We have added two demo links and here you go. Users can choose any of the links shown there. Then, they will be taken to that webpage. How cool it is? 🙂

Final words

Linktree is an amazing platform to add and manage all your links. You can add multiple links and then you can use a single linktree link on Instagram. It can help you in many ways from showcasing your webpages to lead generation as well. I hope, your question, how to use linktree on Instagram is now resolved. Follow all the steps by order and you can make it with ease and that’s all I want.

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