Upload Video on Instagram from PC is a question a lot of people are asking now. As the popularity of Instagram has increased across the world, everyone has become addicted to it. Now you can easily name it as the most widely used social media platform in the world. This is mainly because it has also become a way to share and create content all through this one app. People have started making videos and uploading it on Instagram in the form of Video Posts, Stories IGTVs, Reels etc. In this blog, we will discuss How to Upload Video on Instagram from PC?

Many people use their PC or Laptop to edit their Instagram videos on video editing software like Final Cut Pro. But then you have to transfer it to your smartphone in order to upload the video on Instagram. Don’t you think it would be convenient to just upload videos to Instagram from a computer directly. This is indeed possible and we are gonna tell you some native Instagram desktop clients as well as third-party apps for this. So here some methods by which you can Upload Video on Instagram from PC. Let’s start.

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Video Specifications

There are a few rules you have to follow before you can know how to Upload Video on Instagram from PC. So before uploading any video, you need to ensure that the following rules are followed:

  • The size limit of the file should be 4 GB.
  • The frame rate can be 30 FPS or less.
  • The length of Playback should be capped at 60 seconds.
  • The maximum dimension can be 1080 or less.
  • The square aspect ratio should be 1:1.
  • The vertical aspect ratio should be 4:5.
  • The landscape aspect ratio should be 1:91:1
  • The preferred format is MP4 (H.264 Codec & AAC audio, 3,500 kbps video bitrate).

How to Upload Video to Instagram from PC Directly?

1. Creator Studio for Instagram

This is the easiest method in all we are going to discuss. All you need to sign in is your username and password since it’s native to Instagram. When you sign into the Instagram Creator Studio you can see the option to post photos/videos to your feed. In addition to this, it also provides the basic mobile features such as selecting a cover, adding a caption, tagging people, etc. Also, there is a catchy feature in which you can schedule your videos for future date and time. So this is one of best and easiest method by which you can Upload Video on Instagram from PC.

Please ensure that you have an Instagram business account before starting. But don’t worry if you don’t have one as it can be easily changed without any cost in the Settings. Now let’s go through it: Open Settings and go to Account, and scroll to the bottom. Just click on the Switch to Business Account.

Upload Video on Instagram from PC

Now open your PC and go to the browser. Let’s head to the Creator Studio and click on the Instagram logo on top.

Upload Video on Instagram from PC

Now log in by entering your username and password. After doing this you will be  redirected to the homepage of your Creator studio. Here you will be able to all the posts, stories and also the option to upload videos.

Click on the Create Post icon and select the Instagram feed to publish a post. The post icon can be seen on top-left of the screen. If the video is a long one then you can select IGTV to post.

Upload Video on Instagram from PC

A new dialogue box will appear after doing the above mentioned step. It is shown in the picture below. Now you just have click on the option of add content which can be seen at bottom. Then choose from files to upload.

Next browse to the file location to choose. And open the file so as to upload the video or picture you want to post.

Let’s move the cursor next to the Schedule icon at the bottom and click on the downward arrow sign. Now you have to select the date and time when you want your post to be published. Just click on Schedule now and that’s the end.

Upload Video on Instagram from PC

2. INSSIST Chrome Extension

The above discussed way is one of the best but Instagram Creator Studio lacks the user interface of a phone. For those, who don’t have any problem with this then go ahead and use it. But if you want to add a cherry on top and enjoy the UI of phone on your laptop/PC. Then INSSIST comes into scene which is a Chrome Extension we are going to use. INSSIST is making life of everyone easier by making Upload Video on Instagram from PC as easy as it gets.

You just have  tap here and you will be directed to the extension page and Click on Add to Chrome. 

Upload Video on Instagram from PC

Once it is added then click on the extension icon where you will see the familiar Instagram icon. Now open it and enter the sign-in credentials.

After logging in to your account, click on the + sign in the same way you do in your phone. A new pop up will appear in which you have to click on Photo/Video. Now a new window of file explorer will open and you can post a story, IGTV video, and anything else.

Upload Video on Instagram from PC
Find the video or photo that you want to post in the file browser tab and just hit open. The content will open now in the Inssist Instagram UI.

Once the uploading and processing are complete then click on Next which can be seen on the top right corner of the screen.

In the next step you can add a caption, tap people, add location, and even select auto-generated hashtags just like in your smartphone. This video upload feature is free of cost but if you want an upgrade then there is a pro version at $4.99/month. This allows you to add custom video thumbnails/covers, bulk scheduling, etc.

3. Cloud Storage (Free)

Now one of the oldest trick in the book and also one of finest. You just have to create a dropbox account or you can just use your existing Google drive. We know that already everyone has an account Google drive. So all you have to do is copy and paste the video in your dropbox or google drive. Now the next thing you have to do is just open the dropbox in your smartphone. Now select the video you want to share. And there will be a share option when you click on the share button. When you click on the share button there will options available on where do you want to share. One of those options will be instagram.

Now the only thing you have to do is just select the instagram and you will be ready to upload a video on instagram. And it will be done Upload Video on Instagram from PC with a problem using google drive or dropbox without a ease.


So now you have got your answer now you can edit your videos in your computer and then Upload Video on Instagram from PC. Different methods that you can try and use to Upload Video on Instagram from PC. Hope you find what you are looking for here and Thank You for the read.

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