What phone do i have? Many of us don’t know that or sometimes we forget when are using the same phone for a long time. Mainly we just focus about the specification of the phone and just forget about What phone do i have? Now if you just lost your phone or got hacked through somewhere. You have to know about the model of the phone or you will be in trouble.

What phone do i have

You should know about the details like Model Number, IMEI Number, RAM, ROM and the security number of the phone. So if you don’t know What phone do i have? Don’t worry we have few solutions for you below for find out what phone do you have.

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How to check what phone do i have?

Method 1: At the back of the phone

Let’s check What phone do you have. The first method is the easiest one of checking the back of your phone for the model number.

  • There are many smartphones whose model number are mentioned at the back of its body. So just turn your phone and look over.
  • For instance, smartphones like Nokia, LG, Samsung etc. have their model number illustrated at the back.
  • Just check and confirm the model number whenever needed.

The issue arises with the smartphones that have nothing mentioned at the back of the body. But don’t you worry child, your smartphone contains everything. So, let’s move on to the next method.

Method 2: Open Settings to check

Go to the Settings option in your smartphone and then follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, pull the notification shade down and go to the settings icon to open the Settings of your smartphone.
  • It may happen that your phone doesn’t get the icon at at once. In this case, you are required to pull it twice. Also, sometimes there is an System option available. So you have to click on that first and then go to the about option.
  • Now just search for About phone option which will be available in Settings.
What phone do i have

After following the above steps, all the information you required about your smartphone will be available to you. For instance, device name, model number, display, version etc. And still if you are not able to the information then dig deeper and go into the hardware information. You will be able to get access to all the information.

Method 3: Third-party app

Most of the times, the information can be accessed to if you follow the above two methods. But it depends on the manufacturers and it becomes difficult for some people. This may happen when a different manufacturer is available which is not serving the same system.

What phone do i have

Droid Hardware Info

The third-party app that we are recommending is called Droid Hardware Info. As it is clear from the name of the app, it will give you any information about a device hardware. So to try this method, firstly you need to install the app in your android smartphone and then search for various specifications. Along with the model number of your android, this app will also provide you: CPU architecture, Refresh Rate, Instruction set, Build number, Resolution condition, Baseband version, Chipset, Core running, SDK and more.

You can also download the app from here.

Method 4: On the box

  • The box in which your smartphone came contains a lot of important information. The white receipt that is pasted on the box mentions about the device and other stuffs of the device.
  • You can just check this receipt and all the information you required and more is simply mentioned.
  • This white receipt is also pasted on the removable batteries of the smartphone but mostly old ones. So you can go through that also.

Method 5: Order receipt

You can also identify the model number from the receipt. A receipt contains all the information you need. The date on which the purchase was made and some specifications of the device you have purchased and the cost. If you make a purchase offline you will get the receipt and if you are doing it online the receipt you receive will be inside the package.

How to check various other specifications:


The processor of a phone works like a brain works for us. A processor, also known as CPU, consists of multiple cores: Dual, Quad, Hexa, and Octa core. What do these cores do exactly? Processor cores distribute the work that comes in when you use your phone. One core has a maximum number of instructions it can process within a certain amount of time.

The clock speed determines how many instructions the processor can execute per second. A processor with a 1-Gigahertz (GHz) clock speed can process 1 billion instructions per second. The general rule is that higher clock speeds make for faster phones. You can download Hardware info as we discussed above to get the detail about information about the Processor also.

How to check various other details like Battery, camera and Memory:

You can check various specifications about your device just follow these following steps:

  • Just go to the Google Play store and download the app Inware.
  • Now just open the app and it will ask for permissions for your device to access the details of the device.
  • After that just allow the app all the access it wants. Then it will show you all the specifications you want to see for your phone.

You can get all the information of the following things:

  1. Battery
  2. Device
  3. Camera
  4. Memory
  5. Hardware

When you lose your phone?

When someone loses a phone the first thing he does is panic. There are things that people can do when they have lost their phone. They can follow the procedures given below to report there there phone missing by checking the IMEI number and model number.

  • First you go to Google Dashboard and login through your google account.
  • Then just select the android option that you see in the display.
  • You can get your IMEI number from there of as many device linked to that google account.

By this way you can check the IMEI number or the model number of your phone and can get all the information you need. The information that may be valuable for reporting your phone missing.


What phone do i have? i think this blog answers that in detail. Here are some different methods by which you can check what is the model you are using without any problem. In case you have lost your phone how to check the IMEI number and model number to report the phone missing. HOpe you find this useful. Thank You for the read.

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