Google Play is the leader among digital distribution services thanks to its over 52.3 billion downloads in H1 2020 and 3.04 million available applications. So we have brought you some of the alternative ios app store. iOS app store is pretty strict when it comes to its privacy policy.

Alternative ios app store

The App Store has a bunch of cool Apps but as a matter of fact, some of them are either paid versions or some are not available in your region. The next one in line is Apple’s App Store, with 1.82 million offered apps and 18.3 billion downloads in H1 2020.  So here are some alternatives Alternative ios app store that you can get.

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Top Alternative ios app store:


Buildstore is one of the first signing service that comes to your mind. It helps you slightly offload the tweaked apps and games to your iOS device without jailbreaking. It is a safe app there are no problems with the app now a days. Because there are constant updates at least 10 per day. Top features of the app.

  • 300+ tweaks and apps.
  • No extra tools or specific skills are required.
  • “Request an app” feature.
  • Seamless account restoring.
  • 24/7 online customer support.

2: Hipstore:

Looking forward to have a premium stuff in the app store. And if you are searching for it everywhere search no more. Hipstore provides every premium game and apps that you want for free. You can download every single game and enjoy the benefits of the app without even paying the single penny. Hipstore also allows you to download the games that are not available in your region. With that being said, HipStore is compatible with iOS 9 and above and qualifies as one of the best App Store alternative for iOS for sure. This is one of the best Alternative ios app store.

3: Tweak Box :

Tweak Box it is app that was created to let the tweaked application can go live without any problem. Some of those app offer extensive and extended functionalities which is quite good for this app. This alternative app is good and famous for its accessibility and simplicity in usage but also for its security.

4. A1 Apps Store Market

This will bring to your mobile millions of apps which have detailed descriptions. You also have the option to switch on notification for those apps that interest you. In addition to this, you can block the categories which you don’t like such as games and then they will not come in your search results.

5. ACMarket

This is a very popular app store with more than 15k applications and is one of the biggest unofficial app stores. This was designed basically for hacked, cracked, or modified apps. This app store keeps updating itself and provides new updates regularly. That is why it is known for improvements as it is constantly under development.

6. Amazon Appstore

If you are looking for alternatives to Google Pay then this is it. Developers will find it easy to navigate through. It also has a cross-platform analytics service. Most importantly, the developers have an earning advantage as they get nearly 70% of the app’s in-app purchases and listed price.

The Amazon Appstore provides an app compatibility test which helps the developers in detecting problems. It also has a reward program for developers which is known as Appstore Developer Select. It helps in boosting customer acquisition through Amazon coins and provides free ad impressions. And last but not least, you will get a paid game or app everyday without any payment.

7:TopStore App

This the app that can be used in the app or in a browser. There are users that are around the world that enjoy some numerous jail breaks and enjoy extended facilities. TopStore App helps people download themes without even paying for them but they also enjoy numerous jail breaks. But we should also tell you about the pro that you won’t have to pay for any of these offerings.

8: Sileo 

Sileo used to be the alternative for the alternative app store Cydia; it supported more advanced iOS versions. Today but it works for iOS 11 and above on any 64-bit gadget. Users can download or purchase jailbreak applications without risking their smartphone security.

9: CokernutX

As complex as the name might seem. But it works like even coded complex and helps you to have a safe experience. Also this also does not require any jail breaking sessions. So you can blindly trust the app. Also you can download the games and apps you need to enjoy the experience.

10: AppValley

Developed and published by AppValley LLP is independent in nature and counts as an alternative to the App Store for iOS devices. You can get your hands over anything you like and mostly, for free. Isn’t that amazing? The next question up your mind would be, is this safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe and secured. The system has been developed in a manner that can be compatible with iOS and hence, security has been taken care of at the earliest. The App uses advanced and structured methods to secure and safeguard its security walls which in turn, is well packed and supported. So, do not worry about those lines at all.


Alternative ios app store here are some of the best alternatives that you can get to download different things like game and themes. Some of the apps require jail break some of them doesn’t even require that they make your life easier. Hope you find this blog useful. Thank You for the read.

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