So are you also facing the problem of AR not working Pokemon GO? Then we are writing this for you. Let us talk a little about AR Pokemon Go it makes you play with your pokemon in real world. By creating a virtual pokemon for you in the real world.

AR not working Pokemon GO

But there might be chance AR mode won’t work or might misbehaves. But don’t get worried we writing a whole blog only for you and you are at the right fixing port. Here you will get all the fixes and solutions in a simple and easy way. So let’s start now, but first, we will get a little knowledge about AR.

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What is AR?

AR or augmented reality you can also know it as a mixed reality. This is a technology which enhances your real world experience by by projecting some virtual objects in it. AR can make you feel realm where you and the virtual reality meets. It will make you a part of a virtual world.

Usually in Augmented reality, an object or a computer-generated image (which is motion-tracked) is supplemented or augmented in the real world. Thus giving helps you in adding the virtual objects in the real world.

Note: In mobile devices this motion tracking for the object or image is usually done by the integrated gyroscope of smartphones.

Why AR not working Pokemon GO ?

Pokemon Go stands for Pocket Monsters. Pokemon Go uses this revolutionary technology in its game application it is something that makes the game tick and run smoothly. There are two modes for activities in Pokemon Go AR mode. The first mode where you can use the AR is when you are in a Pokemon competition. The second mode is when you want to play with you pokemon.

This AR mode enhances the overall Poke fight experience by adding these adorable virtual species called pokemon in the real world.

You are excited? right? We are too!!

So if you are here we know your AR not working Pokemon GO. There can be two main reasons that are making your AR not working Pokemon GO. They are very simple reasons but if you don’t know about them it can cause you problem and time.

The cause is usually the gyroscopes sensor of your mobile. which helps the smartphone in sensing its 3d motion in the space.

When Gyroscope is not in your phone:

There are lot of phones in the market that are not integrated with the gyroscope in them. These are generally the cheap smartphones that don’t have gyroscope in them. So it’s better to check first if your device has this gyroscope sensor in it or not. To check this, you can simply download this application – CPU-Z.

Now after you have downloaded the just open the CPU-Z and then go to the sensor section. Now if you go to the CPU-Z and then also you can’t find the Gyroscope in the list then it is not possible to play the game in your phone.

The sensor for Gyroscope is defective:

Now if the Gyroscope is present in your device and it is still not working. There there might be some other issues. If it is present in the list and still causing you problems. Then it might be that there are other problems like software issue or it could be a Hardware issue. There can be a software issue where the problem can be in the Pokemon Go application or the android system you are trying to make it work.

How to fix AR not working Pokemon GO?

These are some of the steps that you have to follow to easily solve the problem of AR not working Pokemon GO? Just follow the steps given below:

  • Now to fix this issue you have to first clear the data of the Pokemon Go. This will help you to speed up the application but also help in fixing the issue.
  • But if the problem still persists you have do the very hard part uninstall the game and then install it again.
  • Now we can ensure you that this will 90% solve your problem without an issue.

Checking Gyroscope Hardware Problem:

  • To make sure the problem is not related to hardware or defective Gyroscope sensor, we have to download an application called Gyroscope Test.
  • If you see the landscape moving with the movement of your smartphone, then it means your Gyroscope is working fine. If not then your device Gyroscope sensor is defective and needs a repair.


So hope we have not disappointed you. Your love for AR games should remain as it is and if it is not working or having problems like AR not working Pokemon GO. We have provided all the information that you need to fix it. Why is it occuring or how to solve it. Hope you find this useful. Thank You for the read.

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