Now we have to accept it in those extraordinary times we spent most of our time on google chrome. So newsflash for you yes you my friend the white cursor  can be really boring to look at. Do you want to tweak your cursor and to make it more fun. For the chrome so here we are with Custom Cursor for Chrome. There are several ways you can change how the cursor looks in Google Chrome. Let’s see how to get a custom cursor for Google Chrome using extensions and apps.

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Custom Cursor for Chrome:

Native methods through windows:

Remember the time when you use to play with your cursor in your old computer changing it to different things. Good news it still works and with that Windows 10 added a custom pointer color option as well. The benefit with this method you get that it will work on all of your computer laptop. And will not be only for Custom Cursor for Chrome. So just follow the process given down below and you will be able to do it in 3 steps.

1: First you should go into mouse setting from the start menu and. Then you can just select elect Adjust mouse & cursor size to open the color options page.

2: Now on the cursor and pointer page from where you can change the pointer size and color. If you want to do that click on the Pick a custom pointer color. Now you can just drag the pointer and choose the custom color. You will also get some of the additional feature that you can also type in the hex color code. This feature comes in handy if you have a brand color and presenting using the projector on a large screen.

3: You can also go a different way and change the cursor from the mouse properties option. You can also select the more additional mouse setting from the mouse setting page.

4: It will open the Mouse Properties tab. Now you have to click on Pointers to customize the cursor. Click on the Scheme option to choose from Windows default pointer options. Simply click on Apply to preview pointer and OK once you’re satisfied with the way the cursor looks.

If you wish to upload your own custom pointers. Tap on Browser and select the mouse pointer you wish to use. Remember, you need to upload multiple pointers for different operations.

Custom Cursor that you can get:

So if you are finding the above method difficult. Now you can download Cursor Commander which is a much simpler option. It is free to download and has a simple UI which eliminates the above task to few simple steps.

1: Now you just Open Cursor Commander and click on the cursor you wish to change. Now from the file browser tab just select the cursor and hit open. After that just click on the use these cursors to save and apply the changes and you’re done.

Custom Cursor for Chrome

Chromebook Native Method

A native feature of Google allows to change the mouse cursor easily in the Chromebook. It has additional features of tweaking the cursor’s size, color, etc. So, the change the cursor, you have to go to Settings > Advances > Manage accessibility features > Mouse and touchpad.

Custom Cursor for Chrome

It is an easy way for those who just needs little tweaks for the standard cursor. However, it will not allow you to change the cursor and the settings are also limited in nature.

Custom Cursors for Chrome (Extension)

The above discussed method had its limitations because of which you were not allowed to add your own custom cursor. But there are various Chrome extensions in which it can be done easily. For instance, Custom Cursors for Chrome is one of the best one.

This has many advantages like you can upload your own cursors apart from the large database of custom cursors already available. It has sorted all the cursors in neat groups by genre, color, style, etc. You have the options of finding cartoon cursors, games, movies, TV, and a lot more in the cursor section.

Custom Cursor for Chrome

Also, there is a simple alternative of Windows app provided by the Chrome extension for custom cursor. Now to change the default cursor, you have to click on Apply as well as Delete it from the database. You have to visit their website to choose from their vast database of custom cursors for chrome.

 Other Cursor Options for Chrome

There are plenty of other extensions that you choose from. The only difference is the set of cursors when compared to the options listed above. If you’re satisfied with the previous methods, I wouldn’t recommend using these. Here are a few you can check out.


So, which custom cursor are you using on Chrome browser? The Cursor Commander app for Windows 10 is a great solution to change or get a custom cursor systemwide. Otherwise, you can use one of the Chrome extensions to change how the cursor looks in the Chrome browser.

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