The em dash is an excellent alternative to commas and colons, and allows for clearer copy. Unfortunately, the bulk of keyboards don’t feature this vital punctuation , and consecutive hyphens aren’t always an honest substitute. In this post, we will be discussing about how to implement em dash in Google Docs.

If you use, Microsoft Word for word-processing, the you will know that it automatically replaces two hyphens with an em dash. But, the same is not the case when you use Google Docs for word-processing. So, lets now proceed to see the various methods which we can employ to use the em dash in Google Docs.

Various Methods

Fortunately, there’s a keyboard shortcut that you simply can use to bring the em dash into action. And, Google Docs also allows you to substitute characters — like consecutive hyphens — with the em dash as long as you tweak some settings.

Without any further ado, let’s see how we to do this.


You can use a universal shortcut to insert the em dash not just on Google Docs, but on other data processing applications also.

To do that, hold down the Alt key, then enter 0151 on the amount pad. On Mac, you’ll use the Shift-Option-Hyphen keystroke to insert the em dash.

Now, I’m not getting to say that this is often the most effective way to add an em dash to your documents. Actually, it’s not fun having use of a shortcut involving multiple keys, especially for regular use of this punctuation.

em dash in Google Docs

So, let’s check out another, albeit a more convenient method, to use the em dash.

Using the Character Map

  • First, press the Windows key + S button.
  • Type Character Map into the box that appears.
  • The Character Map window will open.
  • Then, select the Advanced view checkbox option.
  • Enter em dash in the search for box, and click the Search button.
  • Choose the Select option.
  • Then, click on the Copy button.
  • Finally, press the Ctrl + V shortcut to paste the em dash into Google Docs documents.


Using two consecutive hyphens is another way to employ the em dash key. You may also configure, Google Docs to automatically substitute two hyphens with an em dash whenever you insert them. Isn’t that awesome……!!!

  • On the Google Docs window, point to Tools, then select Preferences.
  • Insert a double hyphen into the vacant box under Replace.
  • Now, add the em dash into the box under With using the Alt-0151 or Shift-Option-Hyphen (on Mac) keyboard shortcuts.
  • Click okay to add the substitution to Google Docs.

That’s it! you ought to now see an em dash whenever you press the hyphen key twice and follow it up with an area .


Another way to use em dash in Google Docs via the Special Characters selections screen.

  • Open the Insert menu and choose Special Characters to access the Insert Special Characters pop-up box.
  • Look for Em Dash, and you ought to see it come up within the search results.
  • Just click the symbol to feature it to your document.

Some Other Tricks

Find & Replace

There’s a trick that you simply can use to instantly replace all consecutive hyphens with em dashes in any document.

  • Open a Google Docs document, click Edit, then click Find and Replace.
  • Add consecutive hyphens into the box next to seek out , and an em dash into the box next to exchange with.
em dash in Google Docs

Replace Incorrect Text

As we talked above, substituting consecutive hyphens is simply one to urge the em dash functionality easily. But, that doesn’t mean that the substitution list is restricted to only punctuation marks.

If you’ve got clumsy fingers like I do, and regularly mistype certain words like “friends” as “freinds” or “the” as “teh,” you only found the right thanks to prevent correcting text all the time.

Just add all those words to the substitution list and sort away without worrying!

SUMMING UP — em dash in Google Docs

So, in this post, we got a refresher on how to use em dash in Google Docs. While you may insert the em dash via a keyboard shortcut or as a special character. We have also seen various other methods to employ the em dash in Google Docs.

By and through this article, thus, I suppose I have made myself pretty clear. But, in case, you still have some doubts lingering. Then, please do write to me in the comments section and I am as always, ever-ready to help you. And, also solve your many queries and problems.

Until then bidding you Good-Bye !!! Ok, wait ….. before you go, you may check out my various other posts. Also, for the simple reason, that is, to enhance your knowledge on various other topics of importance. Also, where ??? Here…… 


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