Now a days Google forms answer key is used everywhere. May it be collecting customer feedback or applications for a job opening. Google forms are the best thing that we can get from google also free. Google Forms works well with other tools also. It helps you to collect data and upload it in a sheet and also it can help you upload videos on youtube without leaving the app.

Google forms answer key

But us telling you that Google Forms are simple doesn’t mean it can be used by everyone. There are few tips and tricks that you have to know in order to use the Google Forms. So here we are going to explore all the features and functions of Google forms answer key.

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Here are some methods by which you can enhance your Google forms answer key:

How to change default points value for quiz questions:

You can adjust the settings of quiz on google forms which can be a huge time saver for you. You can also change default points for quiz but also you can make all new quiz questions required automatically. Just follow the below steps to do so:

  • Go to the editing window then click on the three dots of the top right corner.
  • Select “Preferences.”
  • Now you can just select your default “Questions” preferences. This will apply to all new questions added.

How to grade short answer response:

You can also self grade the short questions on the Google forms answer key. You might be thinking how will i check those short answers but google can make it easy for you. There you can easily view and grade the short answers in few simple steps given below:

  • You can just select the short answer from the google forms editing window.
  • Then select the Answer key and then select Add Answer Feedback. Then add your response you want students to know. This will help them understand the problem and they will be able to response faster.
  • Now when it’s time to grade just click on the Response in the google forms editing window.
  • Then select the questions from the drop down window that you want to grade.
  • Now this will display all the response of that question from one student to one place. You can also assign partial points if needed.

You can add extra credit quiz questions:

Also you can add extra credit quiz questions Google forms answer key. We have also found a way to assign and grade extra credit quiz questions without having to rely on an additional add-on. Just follow the simple steps given below and you can also do this on your own:

  • Now again go to the Google forms editing window and set the point value for the extra credit question to “0” and toggle off the “Required” status.
  • And if the question is multiple choice just put the correct response in the answer key as usual. If it is a short answer you can just add the answer through the reference in the “Add Answer Feedback” section. Or you can just leave it blank.
  • Now you can just grade them by clicking on the Response tab at the top of the editing window.
  • Then just click questions and add extra credit questions.
  • Assign points to the responses as needed. Google Forms automatically groups like-responses together, which makes it really quick and easy to grade.

Feedback for the responses in the Google Forms:

Now to help the students understand what they have missed or done wrong you can also add responses to the Google Forms. Feedback can include texts, links, and YouTube videos. Just follow the steps on how to add them:

  • Just click on the questions in the editing window of Google Forms.
  • Then after that click on the answer key.
  • Select “Add Answer Feedback” and type what you want to appear.

How to use the Google forms answer key:

  • You first have to visit the Google docs Forms home page from here. Then after that you can choose black template or the one from your gallery.
  • Google Forms can be used in multiple different formats. You can use them as customer feedback surveys, job applications, RSVP forms, quizzes, order forms, time off requests, and more.
  • You can collect information through Google forms and integrate them in a sheet. Everything is quite simple as you can add remove anything you want as per your choice and also add images and videos.
  • When you’re ready to use your Google Form, simply click the “Send” button in the top right, and type the email addresses to which you want to send your form. Alternatively, you can embed your form in a blog post or landing page, or send the link itself. 

Different types of templates:

Here are some of the Google forms answer key templates. You can just find these google forms go to your email and click Forms in the drop-down menu. Then after that you can just click on the upside down arrow just beside the Template Gallery. This will show you all your template options.

Google forms answer key

Now for leads you can try these templates:

  • Contact Information
  • Event Registration

Now to collect customer feedback use these templates:

  • Event Feedback
  • Customer Feedback

For customer payment option you can use these templates:

  • Order Form

Now for employ within your organization try these:

  • Job Application
  • Time Off Request
  • Find a Time

It doesn’t mean you can use a blank template. Of Course you can also use a blank template or you can use the above ones to create a multi purpose Google forms answer key. Like the Find a Time template helps you get informed by your team when they are available. Then you can inform your clients when you can meet with them.

Linking your Google Forms:

You can also link your Google forms by 3 simple steps you just have to follow the steps give below and its done:

  • For linking your Google form you can send it through social media, text, or in the text of an email. You can go the send option of the form in the top right corner.
  • Then after that beside the send via option there is a link option.
  • Then copy the link provided and then send it to the recipients.

How can you add a Google form in an Email:

You can also embed a Google Form directly into a email without any problem. You just have to copy the embed link form the Google form directly to the email. But that won’t look that good you can also send the whole form through the email which will look good and more efficient.

However, if instead you want to embed your form into a landing page or blog post, follow these instructions:

  • Now click on the send button at top of your form.
  • Now after that when the box popups just click on this icon “< >” embed link.
Google forms answer key
  • Then after that click the link and then copy from the bottom right of the page. Then, paste the embed HTML link into the code of a blog post or website page.
Google forms answer key

How to close a Google Form:

Now when you have recorded all the data and you go what you want and now you want to close the google form you can do it in a three easy steps just given below:

  • Now just click on the edit this form and click on the responses.
  • After that just click on the toggle beside the response option.
  • After that when it says not accepting responses your form is closed and your work is done.


So we have provided you with different option of how to personalize your Google forms answer key. How many different types of template are there. How you can use them to save time and also how google forms can be shared through different modes and how to close one out. Hope you find what you are looking for here thank you for the read.

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