Importing pdf to google docs gets us stuck sometimes. It’s not a difficult task but the task not everyone of us know. We often receive the data in the PDF format on which we have to work. But sometimes you must be having the sheets that you have scanned. Or received from someone else or downloaded it in PDF format. That you want to process in the google sheets. But sadly there are no direct ways of importing pdf to google docs. We know it cannot be done directly be there are several methods. That you can try to Importing pdf to google docs.

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Basic Guidelines to get the best Results:

The process of converting PDFs and then images to text can be done very easily. But the results come when there are guidelines that you can follow:

  • The PDF should contain the text that is 10 pixels high.
  • You documents should be properly aligned. They should be oriented  right-side up. If they are turned left or right, make sure you rotate them first.
  • This works best if your fonts in the PDF is Arial or Times New roman.
  • Images should be sharp and evenly lit with strong contrast. If they are too dark or blurry, you won’t get very good results.
  • The maximum size for any image or PDF is 2 MB.

Importing pdf to google docs:

So if your just starting with the  Google suite off office apps. Then you probably familiar with its extensive features, add-ons and Google docs, the Google version of Microsoft Word. This service also includes a presentation program, slides, sheets, and a spreadsheet.

Importing pdf to google docs

We know that  Google Docs does not support everything. Extensive feature of Microsoft are not always there. But we don’t have to worry because it provides something to tackle all this. It provides us with cloud based solutions so that we can encounter every problem we face. This service also available on a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Google Docs can be compatible with most of word processor tools and presentation applications. They have been designed to work as both personal tools and business tools. Beside these you can also work on tables, add-ons, charts, you can also add images. In different formats such a PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIFs, etc. to docs.

But when it comes to PDF format. You can open the PDF in Google docs but you can’t directly insert a PDF into Google docs. But as we have already told you we will provide you with different methods. Keep reading the blog to know the different methods of how to do it.

There are two ways by which you can import PDF into Google Docs:

  • Convert PDF Into Image File
  • Attach a PDF In Google Docs

Convert PDF Into Image File:

Follow these simple steps and you can easily convert PDF Into Image File.

  • First you have to go to the  PDF to JPG Converter from browser.
  • Now choose which PDF file you want to insert as Docs.
  • Now here you can do two things Extract single images or you can download entire page.
  • Simply select the second option is “Convert entire pages” and tap. On the Choose Option button to start converting your pdf file into a jpg file.
  • Now once the process is done. You will see a message of we have completed the conversion of PDF file to JPG file. Now you can download from the option given below.
  • Then after that go to the website and select all the images you want to convert into one.
  • Now you can also try to change the images position as per your need. Once the process complete download the single image file.
  • Now you have to just open the Google Docs in your laptop or your phone. Now you just have to select the open document where you want to add an image.
  • After that tap on the insert that is on the menu. Where you can find the different option. To add image such as upload from computer, drive, photos, by URL, camera and search the web.
  • Now select the appropriate option you want to upload your image, add to Google docs.


We have provided you with the details of how to do Importing pdf to google docs. We have told you how you can convert the PDF in to image and then use it on Google Docs. How you can use the guidelines to get the best Results. Hope you find this useful. Thank You for the read.

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